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English Teacher Wins $4,000

On, Wednesday, October 24, 2018, Mrs. Leslie Gonzalez, 9th grade English teacher, was awarded a grant of $4,000 from the Educational Excellence Foundation. This foundation’s purpose is to provide students with financial support for educational necessities. Mrs. Gonzalez said, “The grant offers great opportunities for teachers to increase the learning...


JCECHS Selected As Blue Ribbon School

One of the biggest accomplishments a school can achieve is being recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. It is a nation-wide recognition based on academic performance or overcoming achievement struggles for students. To meet this status, the school must first be nominated by the U.S. Department of Education. Once nominated,...


Road constructions are nearly completed

McAllen, Tx  The junction of Bicentennial Boulevard which intersects with the Expressway will change the landscape Valley residents are accustomed to.  Expressway 83, near Bicentennial Boulevard, has been a major project for the TxDot crew.  Bicentennial ramp project is connected to Expressway 83 to give drivers access to Mcallen’s airport and The...