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Now What?

The past few weeks have been hectique, I’ve worked extremely hard, have studied, and pushed through the hardships trying to get through all I want to accomplish. I’ve done my homework, quizzes and have been able to keep my grades up. As well as getting prepared and working on phase two of running for an Area officer position. This Monday I had my last two interviews after turning my two speeches in on Friday after making it to phase two of the process of becoming an Area officer.

 Wednesday I found out that I will not be becoming one of the Area officers. The advisor thankfully let us have the chance to turn off our audio and cameras on the zoom call as she announced the results which would be a God sent. As she called out the 7 officers from each district, my district was left to be announced to the end and my nerves grew stronger and stronger and as my name didn’t get called tears fell down my face. I cried not because I’m selfish, or jealous. I cried because of all the hard work, dedication on time that I put into this because I truly have a passion to serve and wanted to be part of the team. I cried because I wanted to be part of this amazing opportunity to be part of a team which helped others grow through the organization and help grow the next generation of leaders and I won’t be able to be that for my Area. But I know my worth and I know that everything happens for a reason, so I know I will overcome this loss and be strong. 

After the announcements as tears fell down my face I had to announce to everyone who helped me through the process of running and who have been there by my side and who have guided me and encouraged me along the way. These words helped me calm down and have faith in the future, and in myself.

 I plan on doing something big this year, with all this new time that I have I don’t know what it will be yet, maybe  I will create my own blog, a business, possibly I’ll get into photograph I’m not sure but i do know I want to work on doing something, maybe get my grades better and focus more on school and what my future endeavors hold. 

But I will take my own advice as I said in my canaduate speech. I will not fear the ups and downs but embrace them, because they are part of my journey in the organization and now life. I will continue to take the advice I have preached through the years and take them into my everyday life, I’m glad I have got to take part in this experience and although the end result wasn’t the one I hoped for it was a ride  that was impactful, memorable, and one I wouldn’t  mind  to experience again. 

AP Season is Here, What Now?

In a couple of days, the enduring hazy blue late nights spent looking over Newton’s fundamental laws of motion and the peppy chirpy lectures of Mr. Greg Jacobs will be brought to a close. A 45-minute blank white test will hurl the concepts of torque, kinematics, energy, and dynamics my way– all in two simple seperate questions.

I’ve always liked physics and naively ignored all the demeaning discredit many gave it. I thought: “Physics is literally just math— the actual love of my life— but applied to real world situations.” My soft impression of physics was just Math 2.0; little did I know a whole rocky, asteriod belt of complex physics questions moving faster than the speed of light would try to knock my determination to learn down. 

I now realize that even though—  at a glance— Physics uses many elements of Mathematics, they are as related as I am to my neighbor’s second cousin’s brother. Maybe I’m being a little exaggerated— just a tad bit irrational— but after studying seven heavy units of AP Physics, I, disappointingly, did little to no math while doing Physics problems. Physics had now become an even stepper mountain to climb— yet it wasn’t a complete hopeless ride. 

The conceptual questions on the Physics test always vary. Finding a small answer can take you as quick as a finger snap, or I’ll take staring at the empty computer screen for a good five minutes until that glorious “aha” moment hits. 

I talk from experience when I say that you have to carefully– and I cannot stress this enough– slowly, read the question being asked. Skimming over questions isn’t the best approach to AP; you could potentially miss a crucial component or detail given that is essential to solving the problem. From Mr. Joshua Beck’s calm and collected instructions, keeping your cool is the best way to go. Yes, AP gives more stress than a small orange fish in a sea of raging sharks, however, AP tests are not impossible to ace. That five is achievable; if—  along with the late night study sessions— you secure strong unwithering perseverance to successfully pass. 

Passing the Physics test is the top goal on my lengthy to do list. I spent a good 2-hour FaceTime call with my astonishingly crazy smart Physics buddy from Palmview to answer some free response questions. From that moment on, I grew increasingly confident in potentially passing this grueling test. All because I realized one thing— I wasn’t alone. 

Plenty of stressed out high schoolers across the nation are in your position. Whether it’s struggling with drastically different classes like AP World History or AP Macroeconomics, on the inside we’re all the same—  we want to pass. AP Season is here. What went from being eight long months away has now zoomed to the top of our calendars. The iridescent, stunning opportunity for well earned college hours is knocking on our door. The only question is: “Are we going to run the full tiresome mile to open it?”

I’m panicked with hearing that they might open some business

When I heard that the president said that he wanted to re-open some business starting in the last week of April or the first two weeks of May, I was shocked. I was asking myself, why are they already going to open some business if their people are getting more sick or still sick. How are they going to do it if they’re going to reopen restaurants and people have to be six feet apart from each other? As I see it i’m still not going to go out because i’m scared to get infected encase i decide to go out and eat in a restaurant. I’m afraid to go out even though they are already going to reopen a lot of businesses. I’m also not going to go and visit my family members because I’m scared to get the virus. I’m going to go out until they open all businesses, and it’s safe for people to go out and to gather more than ten people. I hope that all people can follow health guidelines so the COVID-19 pandemic can go away, and people can safely enjoy going out again.


Most associate this word with a pair involved romantically, yet it’s so far from the truth. A genuine soulmate relationship is composed of a duo that shares a close bond, unlike any other, no matter the circumstance. It’s an ideal relationship, whether it be friendly or romantic.

I still remember therapy sessions. Endless personal vendetta leading to the same statement, “Mija, friends are like seasons. You can’t expect them to stay longer than they should.” I felt so lonely yet selfish. It was evident that our season was over. I was willing to deteriorate myself for a couple of friends and didn’t care to realize for the people right in front of me. They were a crowd of love and hoped to cheer me on, awaiting my comeback.

She was right there, front and center. My hand to hold and shoulder to cry on. My leap of faith. We were acquainted at best, and yet she managed to set all barriers aside. She clearly was unconditional love expecting nothing in return. So we shared our stories. With lumps on our throat, tears of laughter, we shared it all. We became close fast. Soon enough, sharing wouldn’t be necessary. We now took part in each other’s stories.

I don’t know why bad things happen to good people. One thing is for sure, we grew and continue to grow because of it. Our thriving endeavor has helped us accomplish many things in life, even when our fight becomes to live long enough for the next day.

I stand corrected when I talked all those times about you as my best friend, because you’re my soulmate. Even if our season is ever over, I’ll reminisce about our time together, and I know for a fact at that point you’ll reserve a special place in my heart. 

1st Season of Sailor Moon

Since the whole quarantine started, I have been watching/rewatching a bunch of anime that was on my list. I recently finished Sailor Moon (original Japanese), and ever since I finished the final episode, I have been thinking about everything Usagi had to sacrifice. I kept thinking about how a normal fourteen-year-old had to protect the planet with a few of her friends. When someone mentions sailor moon to some people, the first thing that they will remember is a crybaby wearing a sailor outfit with magical abilities, but there exists a much darker meaning behind the whole story of Usagi Tsukino.
When I watched sailor moon, I couldn’t believe how different the English dub and the Japanese sub were. I always remember the dub from my childhood as a happy and magical experience, but now that I am older, I get a more profound message from the Japanese version. I will only talk about the ending first season since all five of them are similar, but it is the first one where death was in the picture.
At the end of the first season, the sailor scouts have to fight the DD girls, which are much stronger than the scouts. The scouts die one by one protecting Usagi, which surprised me since I do not remember them dying at all. All of their deaths hit Sailor Moon, but the one that shook her was Mars’ death. Throughout this show, Rei (Mars) and Usagi resembled sisters, since they were always bickering and liking the same guy, so when Rei killed two of the DD girls by sacrificing herself, I cried even harder.
One by one, they died, and Usagi insisted on handing over the Silver Crystal to protect them, but she couldn’t. At the final battle, Sailor Moon faces off against Queen Beryl and asks her fallen friends for help in saving the world from destruction. In every season, the same message is repeated over and over, “I am the pretty guardian who fights for love and justice.” This line, or rather the word “love,” contains a deep meaning in every fight that Usagi fights since she fights to protect people she cares about even when she gets hurt. Sailor Moon died at the end of the battle and wished for things to go back to normal, to the says where she was not a Sailor Guardian, to the says where she had no worries over fighting for the sake of peace.
I cried in every season, but the first one was where I knew that this show was going to break me. I love it so much, but I still think about how much pressure these girls had to live with.

Losing it

I’ve realized that my weeks aren’t going “good” or “bad” because of the quarantine but because of how I’ve been deciding to see things. It indeed does suck if we’re honest because this whole time I’ve been blaming and judging everything because of the restrictions that have been put on us. However, if people aren’t changing or keep acting like children, it’s because that’s who they are! It sucks it took me this long to realize it finally. Anyways, how have you all been? I know life is somewhat sucky at the moment. Can you believe I’ve spent 8h and 30 minutes as a whole on Netflix this week! That tells you everything. My days have been consisting of work, Netflix, work.

I’ve come to the point like many of my classmates that I no longer care for school. The not being there makes me feel like It’s over. I forget about my assignments and haven’t been making it to classes because I’ve been working every day in the mornings. I just don’t see the point anymore. My mentality is, “ Will I fail a course for not submitting for four weeks?” Well, now that I spelled it out, I think I probably will. Anyways what I’m trying to say is that I’ve had to push myself extra this week. I have no motivation actually to do any of the work. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m currently going through personal issues, and like I said in my last blog, it’s been tough for me to push those two things away from each other. Even though many people see me as a quitter, I am not! I’m the kinda person that will always say she’ll do something but never comes through with it or what my beautiful culture calls it “puro osico.” I’ll say and say I’m over school put at the end of the day my report card won’t come in with a C. Everyone around me is still going crazy over the virus. My mother said she doesn’t care if the quarantine ends; she’s not leaving the house in another month.

Good thing I have a car now because I can’t stand being in this house anymore. This whole lockdown thing has gone wrong for my family; all we do is fight. We all literally can’t stand each other anymore. I can’t wait for it to end so I can leave for Mexico. No, but on a serious note, I think I might spend summer over in Mexico. It’ll be suitable for my family. If we talk about work, nothing has changed. If you want real advice, though, don’t eat there. We’ve been taking measures to protect ourselves but not the people. They don’t care about the customers there, so please be kind to yourself and don’t eat there. I kind of miss seeing my classmates even though I only talk to like three people I miss seeing their faces. I do hope they’re doing fine and that this virus hasn’t affected any of their relatives. As well for my teachers, I hope they’re all doing fine. I hope this whole experiment just helps us appreciate the things we give for granted; school, church, work, movies, stores, food.

Dear Jimmy Carter Teacher, A Message To All Educators-Thank You

At first, I didn’t know whether to start with a thank you or an apology. There’s something about teaching an ocean of hormonally imbalanced teenagers that doesn’t sound too appealing to me. Nonetheless, here you are. Repeating a lecture seven times a day, speaking so passionately, others are sure to confuse your lesson with a sermon. All for what? For that one bratty kid in every period to step all over your dauntless discourse? (Seriously, though, if you have the answer, please email me.)

Anyway, there’s a reason I believe the journey between a student and a teacher is forever. You see, whatever us students amount to, become in life, it is because of you. Like sponges, we soak up a lot of what’s taught to us. Learning your mannerisms is the easiest, though. At this point, hearing “chispas” out in the halls was inevitable. So, expect a couple of years from now for me to become a lawyer and say something witty following the victory of my first case–I know Mr. Silva would do the same.

Not only do we learn a surplus of academic skills and idiosyncrasy, but we also learn impacting life lessons. Whether it be taught directly from you or an obstacle in life, you make us know that you’re there for us. Not many have the option to confide in their teachers. Yet, you make it available to us without an expectation of a return. As a student, I’m inspired by this, and it makes me cherish the relationship between student and teacher evermore.
Let me take on a more personal note. I’d like to thank my freshman year teachers for helping me showcase my inner child phase. Sophomore teachers Thank You for being there for me through my toughest phase, my junior year teachers, for cheering me on in my comeback phase. And to my senior teachers, well for what’s to come. Each and every one of you makes the difference in who we are and who we aspire to be. Just as I know we matter in your lives, please take note that you matter in ours too.
I’m sorry, and thank you.

Well That Was Faster Than Expected

After finally finishing the first six movies of the Star Wars franchise, I now open almost every conversation with Ewan McGregor’s iconic “Hello there” line. We are going into month two of not being in school, and I can honestly say: “Well, that went by fast.” I swear the last time I checked my calendar, it was still March 28th. It wasn’t until last night where the words “May 1st, 2020” at the top of my lock screen were put in bold for me to notice. On the bittersweet bright side, this just means that STC classes are almost finally put to a close though I do miss Mr. Garza continually reminding us to “Drink Sprite, not Dr. Pepper” every Friday after leaving his class.

As April came to a close, I was reminded of the newer things I learned to do– like starting to drive. Call me Mrs. Lightning McQueen for my thunderous dashing NASCAR speed records. My top speed, you ask? A whopping 37 mph rate. I know I know– a real Danica Patrick accomplishment. All jokes aside, I’ve genuinely always been scared of driving. I knew for a fact I would probably get distracted by the smallest things–like a bird– and not pay attention to the road. I don’t know all these car terminologies like “First Gear” or the difference between “Automatic” and “Manual,” and I still don’t hesitate to call the gas pedal, the “go pedal.” I’m still trying to manage and take on the reverse setting, but for right now, it’s my lightning 37 mph speed, and I am taking on the small roads. I can, however, flex a little bit on my pro turning skills.

YouTube hasn’t stopped its job of recommending the most random videos at the weirdest times. Actually, amidst the quarantine, YouTube’s recommendation list is the broadest it’s ever been. I watched just one Star Wars lightsaber duel, and now my Home Page is just flooded with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker– not that I am complaining (because you know, Star Wars). Additionally, YouTube recommended one single scene from Spider-Man 2, which I played out of boredom, and now adding to the Jedis that are currently on my Home Page, there’s Tobey Maguire as well. If that’s not the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed, I don’t know what is.

I still wonder if there’s going to be any changes in the next coming months. I’ve practically been switching off to random Spider-Man 2 scenes and the AP Youtube Channel for AP Physics videos. Honestly, I feel slightly more confident about the AP Physics 1 Test than I did the first semester, but I do have to hustle up if I want to do well. Seeing the scary free-response questions makes my mind go blank and I forget even the most basic physics concepts. I’m trying my best to see the exam as another regular practice, and thanks to Mr. Greg Jacobs from AP YouTube, I hope I’ll reach at least that passing score.

Bring Color to Quarantine

In many ways, to forget the letters COVID and the number 19, we do anything to forget everything. Where there’s a blank wall, we come up with creative ways to somehow get us busy. To add to the blank wall and replace its emptiness with our unique, vibrant colors. Before quarantine, I didn’t know spending half my day on websites like Khan Academy and AP Central would be so fun– as dorky as that may sound.

Seeing the never-ending topics that left uncovered at school is intriguing and amusing to discover. To be completely honest, I was in Math paradise once I clicked on the link on Khan Academy that redirected me to new, never before seen math topics. An entire expanding milky way galaxy of new concepts was at the top of my fingers. However, it did make me miss walking out of Mrs. Obnial’s classroom, turning to Genesis, and proudly saying: “Oh my gosh, that topic was so fun.”

While we may not realize it, quarantine has drastically changed the dancing images we have of life. We grow more appreciative of the things we took for granted. Recently, to have an escape from news stories of a virus, I’ve had small concerts in my room. Sometimes, when it feels like our current stay at the home situation will last an eternity, I pop in my headphones and just jam out to the songs my shuffle settings pick. Now, of course, I am no Celine Dion, but I can brag a little and say I am a mean lip-sync, almost the way Tom Holland did when he lip-sang to Rihanna. Jamming out in your room hits different when you have your lights off, but you’re out of season Christmas lights are on.

As these small concerts have progressed, I’ve learned to appreciate the overall music of a song. Not just listen to whoever is singing, but to take in the individual sound of the instruments and the dominant role they play. There’s always that one part of a song that we excitedly anticipate. Whether it is its smooth transitions, the gentle melody, or the hard hidden bass, there’s always that one section that makes us go: “Woah.” Quarantine, with the small concerts and the Khan Academy happiness it gave, has made us hold a golden thread of opportunity in our tiny hands.

Although we may not be able to do the outside things we used to love doing, we can always find a substitute that gives the same joyful emotions. By listening to that new album from your favorite artist that just came out, reorganizing your room in a different style, or trying out that new workout routine you saw on social media. Quarantine is as fun and as boring as you choose to make it. All we can do now is hope that the vision we have of life after quarantine– where we can finally see and hug our family and our friends– comes sooner rather than later.

Keeping it simple

Everything has been the same and repetitive. There isn’t anything interesting to jot down this week, but I did get to fix up my schedule, though. I sleep at 10 pm and then wake up somewhere at 7 in the morning.

I’ve completed all my anatomy assignments and quizzes after consistent studying back and forth between the chapters. Now, I just need to complete other tasks from other classes. Other than that, I’ve mostly been on Youtube, Instagram, looking at memes, and browsing through anything interesting or funny videos. I’ve also been in touch with my close friends through facetime and just continually talking about how bored we are. I’ve also decided to rewatch The Office series for the 6th time because it never fails to make me chuckle at the same jokes. I’ve also got into painting and was able to sell my first canvas! Although I never really wanted to sell my art since I just consider it as a simple hobby, it was nice knowing that someone enjoyed the piece. I ordered some watercolor paints online since it’ll be my first time trying them out, and I’ve always loved watercolor art. I’ve also been lifting weights and gaining back muscle. I’ve been looking forward to trying out for the La Joya drill team, but I’m not sure when the tryouts will be so, I’ll need to keep a lookout for any updates.

Qdditionally, I haven’t gotten ready at all week, I usually was always looking forward to straightening my hair and putting on makeup for fun, but now I have been digging that natural look. I’ve gotten used to my curly/wavy hair, and I’ve learned how to style it. I’ve never liked having curly hair since it’s either frizzy or I end up using so many products just to keep its volume and definition. I’ve also been taking care of my skin, and it’s more healthy, which is excellent. I’ve been helping my mom around the house and spending more time with her. Everyone had their little routine before quarantine, and now we are keeping in touch with one another. We spend nights playing  Jenga, and I’ve concluded that she’s more competitive than I thought.Moreover, I’ve also baked blueberry muffins from scratch, and they came out better than I thought. Though the coronavirus is progressively getting worse, and there are more cases around the area. Yesterday, I was watching the local news and heard that Laredo, Texas, had received 30+ instances of the coronavirus. The reporter had claimed that people aren’t getting tested, which is a problem around the area, and they were trying to spread awareness about the issue. However, one of the drawbacks that I’ve seen is that people, especially people that I know, are continuing to leave their homes and drive around like it’s nothing. It’s probably one of the reasons why people are prone to get infected. All in all, I hope that everyone is staying inside and hopefully finding ways to get distracted and also staying safe.

COVID-19: You Are Making Me Anxious

I’m getting anxious about being stuck in my house because of the coronavirus.

I’m getting anxious about being stuck in my house because of the coronavirus. I don’t like the idea that I have to be held at home and can’t go out of my house. So to keep myself entertained during this quarantine, I’m doing a lot of TikTok videos. So because I’m bored I’m doing more TikTok every day during my free time.

To keep me busy, I’m reading books, learning how to prepare new food, and make new drinks. I’m getting anxious and going crazy because if you don’t have gloves and face masks, you can’t go out anywhere. So I pray for this Covid-19 to stop spreading so everything can go back to normal life. I wish people stop going out too much to the store if they don’t have to go because of them going out too much to the store we can go out because of the coronavirus spread. So that way, I’m getting frustrated with being more than three weeks at home already that been more than the normal think.

Four Walls

I think about you often. Are you damage, or pain, or are you just the negative space I’ve created in my head? I cradle myself between velvet sheets when I need your comfort, your warmth. You’re my haven when chaos between my family arises. So why must I resent you so carelessly?

For the most part, I find I’m vulnerable with you, four walls. I run to you when I need a dividend between the people that care, and the catastrophe played out in my head. But could you blame me? You hold an infinity of cherished memorabilia, books, and untold stories. You’re beautiful in meaning just as you are in appearance.

However, lately, I can’t stand to be within you. Is it because of this quarantine? Is it because I know if I leave you, four walls, I’ll be eager to step out that front door? I am eager. Eager to embrace, caress, and engrave me in a peaceful conversation that flows like air.

I miss you, friends, and family, and friends that feel like family. I miss the indistinct chatter amongst the halls of an institution that took up eight hours of my day. I miss Student Council meetings, UIL practice and competitions, TAFE talks, and the occasional Leo’s Club set-ups. I miss Ms.Valle, and her persistent talks about mentoring and helping me improve my painting skill.

I guess the more I think about what makes me happy, the more distant I become. Is this your fate, four walls? Is this what you’re destined to become? Because I can’t hold back this feeling. Why are you becoming so foreign to me? Please help me explain.

Weeks of Quarantine

This week has been rather eventful for me. I will be going to get an injection in my spine for my herniated disks. What I have been told is to avoid eating for a few hours beforehand, they will give me a sedative and then inject a steroid into my back and neck while I am unconscious. I admit that I am slightly nervous over the ordeal, but if it means my back pain will be alleviated at least a little bit, then I’m willing to do it. Besides this, nothing else of real note has happened in my life this week. Something minor was that I listened to the entirety of the Alice in Chains album discography since I had the time, and I consider them to be my favorite band. However, I wasn’t very familiar with their most recent material. My opinion is that the music that they released in the 90s is the best of their catalog, although the most recent stuff is also excellent, just not up to par with the older material. Their two most recent releases, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and Rainier Fog, are slightly two slow and monotonous for my tastes, although the singles and a few album cuts are still good. Of these two, I feel that The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is the worst, as it feels so much slower and sludgier than any other Alice in Chains album and, at least in my opinion, most of the songs are too long for their good, not one of the songs in under four minutes. This can be shown with the title track, which is six minutes long when it should only be three or four minutes long. Not only that, I feel as though it is the least memorable Alice in Chains record. Rainier Fog, on the other hand, is a little better; it is far more memorable although it has the same issues with length, the songs are a little faster paced, so it helps mitigate the effect at least somewhat.

Alice in Chains fourth album, Black Gives Way to Blue, their first in nearly 14 years and the first album with current lead singer William DuVall is the best of the current era of Alice in Chains and has the most resemblance to the old Alice in Chains. However, there are new elements that are welcomed. The length problem is not nearly as pronounced as the subsequent albums. A big part of why I like the collection is that much of it feels like a tribute to Layne Staley, the original lead singer of Alice in Chains who passed from a heroin overdose in 2002, who was a big part of why so many people enjoyed Alice in Chain’s music, myself included. The only real complaint I have of the album is the fact that it was a casualty of the Loudness War, a time when more and more releases were getting louder and louder to the point that much of the fidelity is lost. It becomes somewhat grating to listen to, which is made worse when metal music is already roaring, to begin with. The three albums released in the 1990s: Facelift, Dirt, and the self-titled album are the best the band has released. The worst of the three is Facelift, which I blame on the group being in a transitional period. Although it is their debut album, the band had already changed drastically. Alice in Chains originally started as a glam metal band as can be heard on their early demos. By the end of the eighties, the group began to transition to more of an alternative metal band with some aspects of doom metal. The transition can be heard on Facelift with the first half sounding more like the rest of the band’s output and the second half sounding much more like a glam metal band and even going to funk-rock at specific points. This causes some whiplash, and although I think that the second half still has some good songs, it is not as good as the first half and arguably brings the entire album down. The high point of the record is arguably Love, Hate, Love, which shows the best of Staley’s vocals and Jerry Cantrell’s guitar playing in a doom metal track that is on par with the best of Black Sabbath’s music. Both Dirt and the self-titled record are masterpieces, in my opinion, and for different reasons. Dirt is Alice in Chains’ most famous album, and for a good reason, the musicianship and lyrics are some of the best the band has ever displayed. Songs like Them Bones or Dam That River showcase the band’s heavier side while Rooster and Down in a Hole showcases the band’s more melodic sound.

Along with Hate to Feel and Angry Chair, which is sludge metal classics, and despite how slow they keep the listener interested. The self-titled record sounds different from Dirt; it sounds rawer, and in many places seems like the band is falling apart, which it was. Despite this, it is some of the best material they released with some of the darkest imagery and sound that I enjoy more than any other music. The metallic Grind and Again are fantastic along with the country sounding Heaven Beside You and Over Now are among the most experimental the band has gotten, and I welcome it.

Distractions 101

This week has drained me mentally. I procrastinated way more than what I used to. I didn’t attend any of my video classes with my teachers and had been turning in assignments at the last minute. I’ve been slacking off a lot, and I’m hoping I can get back on track next week. Although this week was terrible catching up on school work, it was great to spend time with my family. My sister had bought badminton a long time ago and decided it was great to start playing again to make this quarantine more entertaining. Now, we play it almost every single day and keep going at it for hours. The only bad part about playing badminton is that I end up sore the next day since I’m not used to doing exercise or moving around a lot now. I guess it’s good to be active and sore; it reminds me that I’m strengthening my body. Anyways, the other day I went to Walmart to buy board games so that we can all switch up our free time with an indoor activity. My brother sent me on a board game shopping haul and suggested we bring a game called Sequence since he’s played it before and thought it would be fun for us to play it all together. We all ended up liking the game a lot; it was intriguing and fun. It’s kind of like bingo but more interesting. I also bought the card game called Dos; it’s the second version of Uno. We were super confused in the beginning because they switched up a lot of rules from Uno, but it’s still really entertaining.

Not only that, but I bought a similar board game like “Cards Against Humanity,” which was a total fail because we stopped playing it after the first day I purchased it. It wasn’t as good as we believed it was. On another exciting note, my brother and sister-in-law chose me to plan their gender reveal. The gynecologist wrote down the gender in a little letter and enclosed it in an envelope, and I was the first person to know what the sex was. I ended up buying “congrats” balloons and a big black balloon that said, “he or she what will it be?” and filled it up with pink confetti because they’re having a baby girl! I’m so excited to see my beautiful baby niece. My brother was right from the beginning; he always had a feeling that his baby was a girl. Now that I know I have a niece, all I do is shop online for little outfits and things she might need. I do think I have an online shopping addiction I’ve bought so many unnecessary things for my niece, myself, and my room. I like online shopping because I get something to look forward to. Although this week has been an emotional rollercoaster, I can always count on Amazon and Shein to cheer me up. I know my shopping addiction is directly related and feeds into my procrastination, but that sounds like a problem for next week.

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