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2021 Curbside LJISD Educational Opportunities Expo

Join us at any of our 3 locations for our 2021 CURBSIDE La Joya ISD Educational Opportunities EXPO!!
On Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 6PM-8PM
We will have information on enrollment for the 2021-2022 Academic School Year, Program Opportunities, Campus Personnel, Raffles, Prizes, and much more!!

The Everlasting Effort To Keep UIL Afloat

With the first and second UIL virtual meet in the history books District Coordinators, Irma Tijerina, and Abel Zamora describe the begging process and the current actions taking place to improve the authenticity of the 100-year long UIL competitions

“This year has been a roller coaster as for UIL we didn’t think it would happen to begin with,” UIL Coordinator Abel Zamora said 

However unlike High and Middle school “ Elementary students haven’t had their first event yet; having young minds that aren’t accustomed to Virtual UIL is something we have to prepare for,” Tijerina said

Yet the uncertainty of this year was still up in the air “We didn’t fully know if we were going to have UIL this School Year after it was confirmed we had continues meeting on how to set up for Virtual Competitions,” Zamora said 

“ After the first competition, we wanted to ease the process and bring a competitive spirit in the play; in certain events, we added schools within the LaJoya district to be apart of one Google Meet,” Zamora said

“However, the idea of other districts competing with us isn’t possible at this moment, and the idea of switching virtual platforms risks the safety of students,¨ Zamora said.

Both Zamora and Tijerina devote a lot of thought to what will happen next, both participate in meetings where numerous ideas flow in and out to better the student experience for UIL.

Zamora express the plans moving forward into the 2020-2021 School year “ With the start of the second semester and opening of school, we plan to compete virtually in-home on days of competition, yet safety guidelines still need to be maintained while competing,” Zamora said

“Nothing is set in stone there are changes that we plan to experiment with for upcoming event.” Zamora said

As a reminder to the student “ I want students to know that this is an evolving process. We still have meetings about what should we implement, change and keep to maintain UIL available to everyone,” Zamora

Presidential Election 2020

  Donald Trump VS Joe Biden Presidential Election. This election is continuously being updated due to late voting counts in different states. The election/debate began back on November 3, 2020. This year’s election is still going on. Therefore, there is no presidential winner yet.

  There have been continuous updates; Joe Biden’s voting percentage is much higher than Donald Trump’s right now. Although this election is still in process, the chances of Joe  Biden winning in certain states is higher than President Donald Trump.

  “Donald Trump failed to respond quickly to this pandemic. He has damaged the lives of several people; he chose not to take precautionary measures. He failed to protect us financially during Covid-19.” Says a Democratic supporter. Despite Trump’s failure to increase unemployment payments for covid-19, the election is not over. There are upcoming updates from the local government.

  “Joe Biden is the worst candidate to have. He does not care about our future or humanity. His family is corruptive. Donald Trump is here to help financially, even to those who do not have money whatsoever.” Says a Rebluciban supporter. Certainly, there has been an enormous change in society with the election this year, but it is not over yet. There are still incoming late votes that are being counted in different states.

  Above all, the presidential election is still occurring. Officials say they will finish counting ballots soon. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us. If you count the votes that came in late — we’re looking at them very strongly. But a lot of votes came in late.” says President Donald Trump to the public after viewing the election voting rate for Joe Biden.

Rank number one

Boxing is a contact sport where you get points by hitting an opponent. Keyla Pruneda, 14 years old, ranked number one in the nation, is going to defend her title at the 2020 Boxing National Championship at Louisiana. With her recent loss against Jesselyn Silva, Keyla is looking forward to her rematch.

“I am waiting for the rematch; I am going to try my best. I have already changed my boxing technics, and last year I had personal problems; this year, nothing will stop me from winning and retaking my title to maintain me as the rank number one,” Pruneda said.

Practicing from Monday through Friday at 7 pm, getting ready for her tournament starts December 5 to December 12. Starting at the age of 8 and accomplishing, so much her parents are proud of her.

“A lot of people ask us why we are always with her, but we like to show our proudness by standing with her in her wins and her loss,” Nancy said Kayla’s mom.

Discipline is to obey rules. Juan Cardenas, coach of Cardenas Boxing Gym, said that Keyla, best known as “La Patrona,” needs the discipline to go far.

“She is a great fighter, but she needs the discipline to get far, to go pro,” Cardenas said. “When Keyla won, she was as an amateur, the second nations, she fought a lefty, now she is fighting with a heavier fighter. She needed to bump her weight from 95 to 101 pounds.”

La Patrona says that she does not fells confident nor worry.

“I am not worry, but I do need to hit harder,”Keyla said.

“ Go and support our team at the 2020 Nationals tournament at Louisiana from December 5 to 12,” Cardenas said.

Surge In Device Use At Home Leaves Many With Potential Health Complications.

Students and individuals affected by the coronavirus pandemic have found themselves in a precarious situation where they have easy access and a greater amount of downtime, which causes them to use their phones more, especially at night.

“I have definitely seen an increase in sleep-deprived illnesses during this pandemic. It has also affected me by not allowing me to get a proper sleep since I’m constantly thinking about my patients if they are going to survive for the night.”, Melissa said. For this reason, people have been unintentionally harming themselves consistently as they use their devices, especially at night more than normal.

“Using your phone before bedtime has copious amounts of consequences such as it can interfere with the amount of time you sleep, causing many of us to become sleep deprived and can even cause damage to your eyes.”, Melissa said. People have learned that picking up a cell phone is the norm and has become accustomed to having it with them at all times. Using a phone at night, for example, can have countless negative effects on the human body.

“I usually sleep at around 2 because I use my phone or play Xbox with my friends.”, Robert said. Robert, a normal teenager, has acquired a negative attraction to sleeping late and using his device for an extended time. The habit of sleeping late for a good time can seem fun until the negative effects of sleeping late kick in.

I use my phone often, about 7 times per day, but I think I usually use it more towards the night since I’m bored around then.”, Livan said. This habit of using the phone at night can have many negative effects on the human brain, such as a dwindling mental state and mental health.

“There are many factors on why people are sleeping later, but the main factor is due to the stress going on whether it’s about working, school work, and even more twitch the pandemic going on.”, Melissa said. For whatever reason, sleeping later has negative effects and can cause serious issues later on in life, especially when the person staying up late at night continuously is a teenager.

“It can be extremely dangerous to go sleep deprived for so long because it can affect your mental abilities and even your mental state, and it’s very important to have a healthy state of mind, especially in the teenage years.”, Melissa said. These effects are only a minuscule of problems that can arise from being sleep deprived. Issues relating to family, work, school, and even your state of depending on you sleeping properly and putting the devices down for the night.

Extra Curricular Activities will be allowed to fund raise while following Covid-19 restrictions

The district has stated that extracurricular groups will be able to fundraise during the current pandemic. This will give groups such as UIl, TAFY, and NHS a chance to raise money following social distancing regulations.

Sandra Gonzalez, the registrar, has stated that with fundraisers being allowed this year, it will be up to the sponsors to come up with the fundraisers. Then they will send a form to us for Principal Claudia Gomez to sign, and then it will get approved by a higher up.

Claudia Camarillo, the UIL coordinator, and NHS sponsor, stated that it has always been hard for students to fundraise, and given the current situation, it will be a lot harder.

“ I just think that it is going to be hard, and it has always been hard for students at Jimmy Carter to fundraise because of the limitation of having only two fundraisers per semester and because of the participation because we don’t have that many students, so we don’t have that big of a community to sell to,” Claudia Camarillo said.

Esmeralda Loera, Junior Class Secretary, feels confident about the district’s decision and feels that they allow schools to gain money and still help out the school somehow.

“Ultimately, it is all up to the class and the sponsors on how they want to fundraise money with the whole Covid situation happening, but I feel like it is nice that we are allowed to do that, and then it is up to us on how we do it to keep it safe,” Esmeralda Lorea said.

Nutritions importance and its benefits to the body.

People affected by quarantine and the pandemic have found themselves at home more often. This leads to them making unhealthy choices such as eating too much junk food and unhealthy food. This has led to an increase in obesity and weight gain during the pandemic, leading people’s health to deteriorate.

“I have personally have seen an increase in people eating junk food from being in quarantine. People are stuck indoors, so they begin eating more, causing them to gain weight,” Melissa said.

The lack of nutrient-rich food has led to increased health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. The problem needs to be addressed, and people need to learn that their food is important to their health and well being.

“There are many risk factors for not eating healthy, such as high blood pressure and even causing you to be obese. Poor eating can also cause stress, tiredness, and even a risk of developing an illness later on in your life,” Melissa said.

Convenience, ease of access, or lack of food has also lead people to increase the amount of junk food they have consumed. During the pandemic, people’s nerves didn’t help the situation either, as many people found it easier to stay at home when they were eating.

“Eating healthy is important since the nutrients in the foods help with the daily activities we do daily. Eating healthy can also lower the risk of certain diseases and conditions, and overall, not eating the proper foods can affect your mental health.”, Melissa said.

“Everyone should decide to eat more healthy because eating healthy can provide positive outcomes for your body and overall makes you feel good, but I know it’s difficult to do that these days.”, Melissa said.

Although it might not seem important at the time, it is always important to eat healthily. If it’s not possible at the time, you should always eat responsibly and moderately and be mindful of the risks of eating unhealthy foods. Being mindful of the foods you eat will ultimately make you a better, healthier person physically and mentally.

Time to get down to decision making. The new student body representatives are having a meeting via Google Meets staying safe and practicing remote learning. Photo credits by Angelica Garcia.
Time to get down to decision making. The new student body representatives are having a meeting via Google Meets staying safe and practicing remote learning. Photo credits by Angelica Garcia.

Last year Battle of the Books
Last Year

Battle of the Books : Fourth Member

This year, Mrs. Cavazos, Jimmy Carter Librarian, is looking for a fourth member to join the club called Battle of the Books to compete for the upcoming February 2021.

“How can you participate in the Battle of the Books?”

The librarian answered, ” In order to join the club, you need to be completely sure that you’re reading the five books this year. Then you need to test on them in renaissance learning and have a good grade. Also you need to keep up with your classes for these two semesters.”

“What are the activities once you join in”

” The activities that we do is by reading the books in a group, writing questions that seem important to the story. And once we finish a book we go online and play on kahoot or on quizzes on the same book that we finish.”

“When is the competition?”, I said

She replied, ” The competition is in February, 2021, and it is on virtual meaning online.”

If you have any question regarding or wishing to be in the please contact Mrs. Cavazos 

phone number : 956 – 624 – 6342


United States Fate: Chaotic Presidential Elections

United States Fate: Chaotic Presidential Elections

With 2020 being the year of the presidential election, there are concerns from students regarding both candidates: Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

Junior class parliamentarian Rachel Cruz describes herself as “anxious, curious, and worried” about the presidential election’s upcoming results. 

“ I’m curious to see what will happen under Joe Biden’s presidency, but at the same time, I’m worried we could be heading for a disaster if either candidate wins,” Cruz said. 

Compared to past presidential elections, this year is more critical than ever because whether Trump or Biden is elected to office, they have to continue to deal with the Coronavirus, social movements, and the economy.

“ I read an article where it said Joe Biden had a plan for climate change, a lot of people don’t care about that and would rather have Trump,” Cruz said. “ There’s a lot of propaganda and inaccurate information going around… People manipulate stuff:”

Rumors have started that both parties’ supporters will be planning to riot and violently protest about the election results.

“ I’m worried that with either candidate elected, that the people of the U.S. will turn on each other due to their political views, and would probably end up with many protests, riots, and outbreaks,” Yanesie Martinez said. 

Pandemic exacerbates health problems across the world.

Pandemic exacerbates health problems across the world.

During the coronavirus pandemic, most kids lives changed for the worse as daily activities and events were canceled. The lack of mobility and uncertainty of what the virus could do led to people staying indoors for more extended periods than usual. Now more than ever were supposed to take the lead and take care of our bodies and stay healthy.

During the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world went into a state of lockdown. During this period of quarantine, people started to feel the effects of staying inside of a home with a lack of physical activity. For instance, The New York Post said, “55%  of men and 34% percent of women reported weight gain in quarantine”. 

As we know, life is not entirely familiar many people can’t yet see each other for fear of getting the coronavirus and lack social interactions that they had before. This and much more have influenced people’s behavior negatively. For example, an article by Medicalxpress said, “one in three adults are experiencing worsening levels of stress, loneliness, and anger during the pandemic.” 

These health issues are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the adverse effects that the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon the world. The rising suicide rate and the rise of drug use have all been the result of the epidemic. The San Antonio Express-News said, “The number of suspected overdose reports rose by almost 17.6 percent between the weeks before, and after stay-at-home state orders were imposed, the data shows”.

Instances of medication and medication being prescribed have also been on the rise since the Pandemic took hold. For example, Maria Bravo, a pharmacy worker, stated, “There has been an increase of people coming into pharmacies around the valley.” These can be assumed to correlate with the health issues relating to quarantine and being socially distant around family members and friends.

People’s health has been a real shock to medical workers as they see a rise in health problems and drug overdoses. Subsequently, Maria Bravo said, “The increase of drug overdoses since Covid has been something most people haven’t noticed. Since March drug use and overdoses have been steadily increasing around the country. In my field of work, there are patients that abuse medical drugs such as Xanax and Oxycodone, which has seen a spike in abuse in teenagers”. These problems all correlate with the recent coronavirus pandemic and all the health problems it has risen with it.

COVID-19 opens eyes

The ongoing pandemic has given students a new outlook on school and life. 

“It truly has changed my perspective on life,” a junior, Karolina Hernandez, said.

Hernández said that the virus has been hard on her, but it has made her appreciate her family. With a changed attitude, she proceeds to say, “The pandemic made me cherish my loved ones,” Hernandez said. 

To add, there are different ways the virus has impacted students. Another student Evelyn, Trevino, sophomore, said that the virus gave her more time to work. 

“Now, I cannot only manage my time but know what’s best for me,” Trevino said.

Trevino also said that COVID had changed her priorities.

“ They have changed for the better, Trevino said.

She said this year she wants to improve in her grades and wants to be focused.

“ This year, I try my very best in all my assignments. My top priority is staying focused on my grades,” Trevino said. 

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