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College Board recognizes Carter students

Jade Cruz (left) and Frida Beltran (right)

Senior students Frida Beltran Jade Cruz were awarded by the Rural/Small Town Recognition Program and the National Hispanic Recognition Program. The two girls qualified for the awards based on the location of their high school, their Hispanic background and their PSAT scores, and their cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. The recognition will help the two receive “personalized outreach from different colleges” according to the school counselor Ana Salinas. It will help them with their college applications because colleges will actively seek these types of awards in their applicants.

Fire and Ice Formal

This Winter Formal was held on December 17. Ms. Vanessa Brown announced the 2021 Winter Court winners.

The 2021 Winter Court

Lady in Waiting Angela Rodriguez

Duke Kevin Martinez

Prince Isuen Hinojosa

Princess Jackie Silva

King Jesus Gomez

Queen Patricia Puente

Winners were selected through popular vote through a google form. The dance has been a Carter tradition that was postponed two years due to COVID-19, its return was ushered in by an outdoor reception and an opportunity to continue the return to normalcy in school life. 

“The dance and the food were good. There were a lot of people there and they were having a good time,” Jared Mora said. 

Written by: Ruby Garcia

2021 Chess Tournament

Chess tournament participants play to advance to the finals

Teachers Benito Bernal and Derrick Morin sponsored a chess tournament on December 1st. 

After 22 players competed, the tournament ended with Luis Martinez beating senior Ivan Cavazos during 9th period on December 9th. Martinez was rewarded a small trophy and a Whataburger meal.

According to Bernal, the idea for the chess tournament was not new. 

“So, last year, Mrs. Treviño was the chess club sponsor, and we started talking, and we had mentioned that we were big, huge fans of the TV show on Netflix: The Queen’s Gambit,” Bernal said.

At the onset of this school year, Bernal and Trevino revisited the idea for a tournament.

“[Trevino] became the lead teacher of the freshman class. She passed the chess sponsorship to Mr. Morin because he is a chess player,” Bernal said. 

With Morin and Bernal supporting the tournament, senior students came on board, and the tournament was planned and approved by the school administration. 

Traditionally, students were not excited by the prospect of chess; however, Bernal commented on the positive feedback he received from students when the idea was being developed, and the event was planned.

Board Members tours Care Academy Facility

Students at the Care Academy spent the week preparing to give board members and superintendents a tour of their different activities.

“We will be having students practicing cake decorating, and throw design skills.” Tanya Mercado said.

The students baked cupcakes and empanadas for the visitors. They explained what they did and showed them how frost a cupcake.

They also got to look around the apartment and the students showed them different tasks they’ve learned to do for their personal life.

“They’ll be able to see the culinary room, they’ll be able to see the floor room,” care academy teacher Laurie, Annette Mercado said.

“The apartment that we use with the kids when we teach them how to do things in their house, and they’ll be able to see the employment rooms too.” Mercado said.

To end their visit, each board member received a floral arrangement made by the students.

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