Senior Carolina Amador is a National Honor Society dual enrollment student dedicated to succeeding as a Redwolf. When Amador heard about dual enrollment classes at JCECHS, she knew it was the right place for her. Amador wants to support her parents financially so she can take most of her basic core classes before she becomes an undergraduate.
As a freshman, Carolina took dual enrollment classes, which were full of ups and downs.
“At first, I wasn’t sure how to balance these courses with my regular classes as they required more work and commitment; however, through every class, I learned to work in a way that best suited me,” Amador said.
Balancing high school coursework and college-level classes has been difficult for Amador.
“I don’t have a secret to balancing it either; I simply remind myself that the work won’t get done on its own,” Amador said. “I think of the benefits of completing all of my work on time with an adequate amount of efficiency, whether it be my high school diploma or my associate’s degree.”
Amador was elected to serve as the NHS Historian, a position that she cherished.
“As the Historian, I am also in charge of collecting photos of everything we have done throughout the year and completing our pages for the yearbook,” Amador said.
Influencing Amador’s personal and academic growth, NHS has been a significant factor in her educational career.
“NHS has served as a reminder always to do my best,” Amador said.