From Lorenzo de Zavala Middle School to La Joya High School, Jerimiah Ortiz embarked on a journey that led him to Jimmy Carter ECHS. His decision to choose Carter was influenced by its welcoming atmosphere, the opportunity to earn college credit hours, and a strong sense of belonging. For Jerimiah, Carter stood out as the ideal environment in which to thrive academically and socially.
“I got inspired to choose Jimmy Carter because I wanted to be able to have some college hours,” Ortiz said. “Also, the previous high school I went to (La Joya High) made me feel like I wasn’t going to fit in.”
Before coming to Carter, Jerimiah Ortiz had developed interests during his middle school years at Zavala MS.
“Before I started my freshman year I was in the middle school Lorenzo De Zavala and some of the interests I had was possibly becoming a Game Warden.”
However, that initial interest has dwindled, and Jerimiah is now exploring a new path for his future aspirations. Despite the uncertainty, he remains determined to discover his passion and pursue it.
As for his expectations at Jimmy Carter, Jerimiah Ortiz eagerly anticipates engaging in the school’s exciting range of activities.
“What I am most excited about experiencing at Jimmy Carter is all the activities the school does together such as, dances or good life.”
Ortiz’s specific goal at Carter is to graduate with his degree.
“One goal I hope to achieve is to be able to graduate with a degree and to ensure that I keep my grades up to get the credit to make sure that I am able to graduate with a good job in mind.”
The transition from regular high school courses to college courses differed slightly for Jeremiah.
“The college class that I am currently taking is Art Appreciation and I have found the transition to college life a bit challenging since it is a big step from the classes that I took last year and I meant both last semester and last school year in middle school.”
Now, moving away from academic pursuits and delving into Jerimiah’s interests, he has an array of hobbies and passions that may resonate with many. An exciting thing about Jeremiah is that he can make any type of survival cord.
“One of my hobbies is gaming, and I usually play Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch. Another hobby of mine is working with paracord, which is basically a type of survival cord. Most of the time, I make bracelets with the cobra knot or snake knot.”
To conclude this introduction, Jeremiah offers some advice for upcoming freshmen.
“A piece of advice I would give to other freshmen who just started their journey at Jimmy Carter is to set a good goal that you want in life. If you ever feel like giving up, you can just look back to your goal and let that motivate you to make that goal into an achievement.”

Yanet, a junior at Jimmy Carter ECHS, enjoys writing for RGN and is active in a variety of groups and after-school activities. Yanet takes comfort in picking up new languages and binge-watching TV shows and movies.

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