At Jimmy Carter Early College High School, Claudia Martinez navigates student life as a high school and college student she also works at figuring out her future career path.
Martinez knew she would attend JCECHS as her two older sisters attended the school before her. 
“I was expected to,” Martinez said. “Both of my sisters had come here before me and graduated from this school.” 
Though Martinez is enrolled in two dual enrollment classes, U.S. History, and Criminal Justice, she still questions her career goals of becoming a firefighter.
“I am aware that it is not a job I can have for my whole life,” Martinez said. “And therefore, can’t be the main source of income for when I am too old for the job.” 
While enrolled in her Criminal Justice class, Martinez has discovered other areas of interest and potential as long term careers in law enforcement. 
“Before taking a Criminal Justice class, I was unsure of what other job I could acquire, but now I’m considering getting involved in the law enforcement system.”
Although Martinez continues taking high school and dual credit classes, the stress of keeping her GPA high makes her reconsider her decision to come to Carter.
“It is stressful having normal school classes and college classes altogether,” Martinez said. “Although it may seem like a nice thing to get college credits, the thought of messing up my GPA if I don’t pass the class can make me stress a lot, which would inevitably affect my grade, ironically mess up my GPA.”
Even though her classes bring her considerable stress, Martinez doesn’t let it affect her school life and enjoyment of school. Martinez is in her second year participating in the school’s art club. 
“I really enjoy participating in the art club; for example, last year on the ‘Fall Mercado’ the school hosted, I helped sell fresas con crema for the club and even sold all of them.” 
Though she sometimes regrets attending JCECHS, Martinez sees her school as a place she will fondly remember after she graduates. 
“The best thing about coming to school are the memories made throughout the years because later on in life, we can look back at how we were and cherish those moments.”

Victoria R. is a junior student in JCECHS and their first time being a RGN reporter. They spend most of their time reading and watching their favorite shows. They hope to learn and improve their journalism skills.

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