High school senior Ivan Sifuentes plays football for La Joya High School while also attending Jimmy Carter Early College High School to complete his high school education while pursuing an associate’s degree. 

He maintains a high-grade point average every six weeks and stays motivated through all his troubles. He has had to overcome many hurdles to get where he is now.

“Football motivates me to pass and keep my grades high so I can play on Friday. Without football, my grades or discipline wouldn’t be where they are today,” Sifuentes said. 

Sifuentes embraces a unique approach and demonstrates that while nothing comes easy, anything is achievable with the right motivation. Unlike most athletes who avoid acknowledging their mistakes and maintain an aura of perfection, Sifuentes stands out.

“I sacrificed a better-winning team with better coaches and overall mentality among all the players,” Sifuentes said.

He had to decide whether to stay in football at PHS or solely at JCEC, as the commute from Palmview High School to Jimmy Carter is long. Sifuentes’ family didn’t want him to take that drive as he had only been driving for a year. He also didn’t want to leave football as it kept his body and mind healthy.

“I stay in football not so much to win anymore but to stay fit and healthy while doing what I must do for myself,” Sifuentes said.

Keeping his body fit and healthy is a priority for Sifuentes because he doesn’t want to “let himself go,” Sifuentes said.

Sifuentes ultimately chose to transfer from PHS to La Joya to play football. Even though it has cost him the joy of victory, he remains focused on the work.

“Being in football has always motivated me to pass my classes,” Sifuentes said.

Playing football has helped Sifuentes stay on top of his classes while still being physically fit and mentally healthy.

While he still has trouble “getting bad feedback after games,” Sifuentes said.

Sifuentes says he still puts in his hundred percent and is focused on molding himself into the best RedWolf, Coyote, and young man that he can be.