Abiel Moreno is a freshman, just starting off his four-year journey as a high school student. With the unique opportunity of dual enrollment and extracurriculars along the way, he navigates the juncture where adolescence meets higher learning and time management, embarking on a multi-path journey that promises both challenges and triumphs.
As he navigates the labyrinth of his new high school life, Moreno finds himself immersed in a diverse array of classes, each offering its own unique challenges and rewards.
“I do think I like most of my classes here at Jimmy Carter,” he said, “but my current favorite is definitely Band because of how truly dedicated and committed I am to it.”
Moreno is currently a member of the La Joya High School marching band as part of their talented drumline and strives to participate in it for more years to come.
Alongside his musical endeavors, Abiel is currently enrolled in two dual enrollment classes as per the school’s partnership with South Texas College: Art Appreciation and Introduction to Speech. With these and his usual high school classes, academics can become a top priority over anything else.
“I envision my high school life as shaping my future goals and what I really want to do in the future,” Moreno said. “My family supports me by constantly saying that they are proud of me and are always sure to be on my back when I need to pick up a grade in anything. I try to focus on my academics a lot by getting B+ grades in all my classes. Maybe I could get into an ivy league school later on,” Moreno said.
And so, as he looks to the future, Moreno’s high school experience serves as a launch pad for his dreams and aspirations. In the symphony of his high school life, Abiel Moreno is not just a player, but a conductor of his own future and all that comes after, shaping his ongoing story with a firm foundation.