Isabella Sarabia is a freshman RedWolf majoring in teaching and is active in the Student Council and UIL. She has even advanced in math, science, number awareness, and calculators to compete at the district UIL meet.
Sarabia contributes to her class by serving as the student council secretary because she enjoys being active in the happenings in her classroom.
Despite her long history in UIL, she has learned to love the events in which she participates. In addition to keeping her mind occupied and assisting her with time management, these events teach her leadership, teamwork, and constructive criticism—all of which are valuable skills for her new position as student council secretary.
Sarabia spends her free time with them outside school to decompress and hang out with her pals. Sarabia has been working in a group with her peers in her new college studies, and she has truly enjoyed it—as long as she and her group get along well.
She finds human geography difficult and loves her geometry lesson, but she paces herself to learn how to avoid putting off doing her work and finish it before it builds up. Throughout her time here, she wants to run for president of the student council to advance. She feels that Jimmy Carter’s selection will help her fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher, so she is grateful.