Angel Villalobos, a Jimmy Carter High School senior, stands out for his academic excellence and musical talent as the drummer for the Juarez-Lincoln band. Beyond his musical skills, Villalobos is recognized for his discipline, effective time management, and commitment to his future.

Villalobos credits his time at Jimmy Carter with teaching him vital life skills such as meeting deadlines and maintaining discipline. These skills have been essential in juggling his schoolwork and musical passion.

As a member of the Juarez-Lincoln band, Villalobos dedicates considerable time to music, yet he prioritizes his academic responsibilities. “School always comes first for me,” he said, acknowledging the need to balance extracurricular activities with educational commitments.

Looking forward, Villalobos is considering careers in either music or engineering, with the University of North Texas and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley as potential college choices. His primary interest is in engineering, although his passion for music remains strong.

Villalobos exemplifies determination and adaptability, embodying lessons in dedication and hard work. Whether his future lies in music or engineering, his story highlights the power of passion and perseverance in shaping one’s path.