The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) has admitted senior Araely Ruiz into its highly competitive Physician Assistant Career Track (PACT) Early Assurance Program.

Ruiz is set to take on the challenging program as she strives to become a physician assistant and serve the community. The PACT Early Assurance Program allows undergraduate students to complete their degrees while fulfilling the prerequisites for the PA program. Those accepted into the program are guaranteed admission into the PA program if they meet the necessary academic standards and requirements.

Her acceptance into the PACT program is a testament to her academic achievement and commitment to serving the community.

As a physician assistant, Ruiz will work alongside physicians and other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients, playing a vital role in the healthcare system. Her admission into the program comes when the need for healthcare professionals has never been more critical, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting the community.

Ruiz’s determination, hard work, and passion for healthcare will positively impact the lives of many in the community.

•Dual Enrollment Teacher
•Adjunct Instructor UTRGV/STC
•Journalism Advisor
•RGN Advisor
•UIL Coordinator
•UIL Journalism Coach