Fights are such a common thing in high school that kids do not realize how they affect them in every aspect of their life’s. Students attending schools where fighting is common may be unable to maintain the focus necessary for academic success. Students are also affected in school, by getting suspended, and while they get suspended, they will miss out school information. Fights will be on their record,  and when applying for college, it will reflect poorly upon them.

Joanna  from La Joya High School (LJHS) that have participated in fights has said ”I do not think getting in fights in school will affect me, and I will not let anyone talk about me, or behind my back.”

Also, Jessica  from LJHS said, ” I am scared to get into fights because they will affect me, but if it is that what I have to do to do stop someone from bothering me I am not scared to do it.”

From these comments, individuals can see that students do not mind being in fights they care more about how it will affect how people see them. According to, 44% of students get into physical fights, and about 83% of students have been involved in any dispute with their school peers, or friends.  Students also get emotionally affected when they get involved in a fight in High School. That will change how they perform academically.   It could even lead to emotional or physical harm that includes depression, low self-esteem, fear, guilt, and self-blame. Fights in school are getting so standard, that is scaring to think that conflicts could lead to more significant issues like of adverse health behaviors and outcomes.

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