Contained with anxious feelings after qualifying for swimming & diving regionals, sophomore Javier Liguez faces a rigorous path that will soon entail his persistence and skill in his hobby.

“Qualifying for regionals is a great accomplishment,” Liguez said. “And although this is my second time qualifying for regionals, I still feel extremely nervous and anxious, but once it’s all over, I feel accomplished.”

Liguez competes for La Joya High School, which made him learn valuable social skills to become a model member of the swim team.

“Swimming has definitely changed me as a person by becoming more communicative, more disciplined and taught me to lead others,” Liguez said.

Liguez’s family and teammates continue to motivate him to pursue swimming throughout high school.

“As a sophomore, I plan to keep on swimming throughout high school and I’ll say that the people around me is what’s keeping me going,” Liguez said. “My mom and teammates definitely push me to do better and push me to never quit.”

With his second regional meet coming up, fueled with encouragement and compliments,
Liguez prepares himself to face this rigorous competition head-on and represent the La Joya swim team.

U.I.L. Journalism member