In many ways, to forget the letters COVID and the number 19, we do anything to forget everything. Where there’s a blank wall, we come up with creative ways to somehow get us busy. To add to the blank wall and replace its emptiness with our unique, vibrant colors. Before quarantine, I didn’t know spending half my day on websites like Khan Academy and AP Central would be so fun– as dorky as that may sound.

Seeing the never-ending topics that left uncovered at school is intriguing and amusing to discover. To be completely honest, I was in Math paradise once I clicked on the link on Khan Academy that redirected me to new, never before seen math topics. An entire expanding milky way galaxy of new concepts was at the top of my fingers. However, it did make me miss walking out of Mrs. Obnial’s classroom, turning to Genesis, and proudly saying: “Oh my gosh, that topic was so fun.”

While we may not realize it, quarantine has drastically changed the dancing images we have of life. We grow more appreciative of the things we took for granted. Recently, to have an escape from news stories of a virus, I’ve had small concerts in my room. Sometimes, when it feels like our current stay at the home situation will last an eternity, I pop in my headphones and just jam out to the songs my shuffle settings pick. Now, of course, I am no Celine Dion, but I can brag a little and say I am a mean lip-sync, almost the way Tom Holland did when he lip-sang to Rihanna. Jamming out in your room hits different when you have your lights off, but you’re out of season Christmas lights are on.

As these small concerts have progressed, I’ve learned to appreciate the overall music of a song. Not just listen to whoever is singing, but to take in the individual sound of the instruments and the dominant role they play. There’s always that one part of a song that we excitedly anticipate. Whether it is its smooth transitions, the gentle melody, or the hard hidden bass, there’s always that one section that makes us go: “Woah.” Quarantine, with the small concerts and the Khan Academy happiness it gave, has made us hold a golden thread of opportunity in our tiny hands.

Although we may not be able to do the outside things we used to love doing, we can always find a substitute that gives the same joyful emotions. By listening to that new album from your favorite artist that just came out, reorganizing your room in a different style, or trying out that new workout routine you saw on social media. Quarantine is as fun and as boring as you choose to make it. All we can do now is hope that the vision we have of life after quarantine– where we can finally see and hug our family and our friends– comes sooner rather than later.

Marissa Llamas is currently a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. She is in extracurricular activities such as UIL, The National Honor Society and the Texas Association of Future Educators. She has been doing UIL Academics ever since her freshman year and is currently in Mathematics and Number Sense. When she first joined UIL Math, she was shocked to see how she was the only freshman on the team. Last year as a sophomore, she went to the TMSCA competition for UIL Math in San Antonio. This year she was promoted as captain for her UIL Math Team. Her academic goals include to pass all her classes, to hopefully receive internships during the summer, and she plans to lead her Math team straight to regionals in San Antonio. She values how with a little determination, a touch of drive, and with true diligence anything is possible. 

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