By far, everything has changed but not so drastically. Most of us have experience in online courses, and I believe it gives us the advantage of having flexibility within your daily schedule. Students get to decide which work, to begin with, first and then take a break and still continue on at their pace. However, with this pandemic going on, it’s so odd not having the ability to go out and get groceries, not worrying about keeping social distancing or go out with friends as most people would do on a casual weekend.
Although, what stayed the same is that I’m still productive throughout school work, and
What stirs feelings in me is that this pandemic is slowly becoming worse, and maybe there won’t be any end to this, but as long as everyone is calm and stays inside, I’m sure everything will return back to normal.
Some repeated messages that I’ve received were the increasing amounts of cases occurring around the globe as each day passes by. I’ve also been hearing constant messages of people being bored on social media, and the never-ending questions about when is this all going to end, however, only time will tell.
IMG_6273On the other hand, I have been spending more time training my dog and was able to regain our bond together throughout the past couple of weeks, compared to being glued to school and dealing with laziness. Also, I’ve included working out into my schedule and eating healthier, which is pretty great. I’ve also been playing many video games, playing around with makeup, and also baking, which I didn’t think was enjoyable before.
Nonetheless, I would need to stop sleeping more than I should be, and I would need to adapt to organizing my school planner on a constant basis.
My current emotional needs would be acceptance, security, and encouragement.

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