Everything has a beginning and a finish point; a rule of life that never seems to end. They have names, of course, we know them as life and death. Humans and every other living organism take such cycle and as for me, well, I am not different. A cell, that was my beginning or the point where my existence was marked in the world. I was a morphosis that gradually took form as a human being. The city of Mexico was my birth place in December of the year two-thousand although I don’t have any memories of such a place, I hope one day I can actually visit my  beautiful city, so I may be able to learn from where I can from and know the real roots of my culture. Mother gave the named me “Abril” or April that’s what some people call me at least. My naming has no special reason, however it derives from the latin word Aprillis with a significance referring “to open.” Something about the meaning peaks my interest, it makes me want to own my name proud and high, to become something like my name( open to different ideas and opportunities). To blossom, to grow in life, almost like a lush spring. Life is too short for me, as I am young I don’t have the greatest story or the most interesting life, believe me, nor do I know where my life will lead me. I have goals but not straight ones, I don’t know if one day I’ll reach them, or the turns and curves of my life but for now its alright, sooner or later I will find out. Ambitions are fulfilling but I never had one, maybe what I seek is not ambition but understanding.