This whole quarantine has given me time to catch up on a bunch of anime that I have meant to watch but never had the time. A few days ago, I finished watching Akame Ga Kill and Kill la Kill, in a total span of four days for both of them. I am currently watching Fruits Basket, and I love it. I get so emotional like every episode, but it’s okay, I am here for it. I will not say any spoilers, but it is so damn cute, and there are parts where my heart just breaks over the character’s life and how much they have gone through. My favorite episode so far is the New Year’s Eve episode, like, OMG! What a beautiful soul.

I caught up with the Black Clover manga, and let me tell you something. It is so fire! The hype that is about to happen with the dark triad, but I will not say any spoilers. I also read the Burn the Witch one-shot by Kubo (writer of Bleach), and it got me hyped up for the movie and series that is coming up. Just watching the trailer made me thirsting for more. Another thing connected to Kubo that is getting me hyped up is the final arc of Bleach. It is coming back, finally! I need to watch Rukia’s and Captain Unohana’s Bankai animation like now.
With anime series and manga came the animated movies. I am rewatching a bunch of Ghibli movies like Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Arrietty. It is so wonderful to just lay down and watch a good movie while eating brownies with sweet tears. I cannot stop with these, though. I plan to rewatch A Silent Voice, and I know that I will cry all over again. I always say this, but it breaks my heart, and I love it.
Indeed, all of this time has given me many opportunities for both watching anime and reading manga, but there is one thing that I have been waiting for a long time, and that is the Violet Evergarden movie. After Kyoto studio was set on fire, I hoped that they would receive nothing but blessings, but they have blessed humanity with this new film that will come out tomorrow (April 2). I have been waiting for something related to Violet Evergarden for a long time (rewatched the series like five times), and it is finally happening. The trailer for the movie is so beautiful and makes me wonder how much time has passed since the end of the series?
This whole quarantine is terrifying, but for me, it is smoothed over by doing the things that I love. Nothing warms my heart more than beautifully animated entertainment with a good storyline and, most of all, the lovable characters and how they interact with each other. It is the perfect opportunity for friends to get much closer and to know each other better in this current lockdown.

His name  is Jorge Jimenez and he was born on the 16th of September, 2002 in Mission, Texas. His parents are Maricruz Ayala and Hilario Jimenez and he has three siblings, which are Lance, Hilario and Sonia. All three of them are older than he is, which makes him the youngest in his household. 

Like many kids his age, he has gone through the basics of education. He attended his first two years at Seguin Elementary School and finished the rest of my years at Emiliano Zapata Elementary School. When he passed on to 6th grade, his family decided that he would attend Domingo Trevino Middle School for the next three years of his life. He is currently in his junior year of high school and attends Jimmy Carter Early College High School. After he finishes high school, he hopes to go to college and get a degree in the medical field, such a degree will help him become a coroner.

Like all living creatures, his life revolves around things that entertain his mind. Many dreams come and go, but setting a goal for oneself is sure to keep them grounded.