NHS will be having a coat drive this week and encourages the students of Carter to donate jackets (including hoodies), coats, gloves, and scarves.  NHS currently has a goal of at least 50 of the clothing above items by Friday, December 6th, and would be appreciative of the donations. The items do not need to be new; however, they must be in good condition and be clean/washed before donating. All clothing items will be given away at La Joya Public information Center from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. The purpose of the coat drive will be to give coats to those who are not fortunate enough to buy one of their own.

The sponsor of Carter’s National Honor Society, Claudia Camarillo, decided to include the group in the coat drive when she realized that not everybody could buy coats and other such items. As cold fronts have started appearing in the valley, several people are left in the cold, and some students would be unable to attend school due to the low temperatures. Camarillo came to this realization after her youngest daughter did not have a coat, after which she thought about those who were unable to purchase them. With the coat drive, those who are unable to buy their own will now be able to have a coat or other such winter items and will no longer be kept in by the weather.

The decision to include Carter was sudden, and NHS was notified of it on Wednesday, December 4th, and is rushing to achieve the goal, which was set low due to the suddenness of its participation in the event. Despite this, the club is still trying to reach its goal and will be at the event, sorting the clothing.

Matthew Garza is a student at Jimmy Carter Early College High School as well as a member of the National Honor Society at the school. Matthew was born on June 27th, 2003 in McAllen, Texas and was raised and currently lives in La Joya, Texas. Matthew was originally enrolled at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School. Matthew took an interest in history and in the fourth grade was admitted in the National Elementary Honor Society and later the National Junior Honor Society in the sixth grade. After the school closed down due to lack of funding, Matthew was then enrolled at Lorenzo de Zavala Middle School for eighth grade. After this Matthew was then enrolled at Jimmy Carter and joined the National Honor Society.

Matthew’s achievements include the aforementioned memberships in the National Honor Society, being certified in Microsoft Word, Word Expert, and Microsoft Excel. Matthew is also consistently in the A/B Honor Roll, with a few exceptions. Matthew’s goals are to have a career as a History Professor as well as have a doctorate in the field. 

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