As his last year at Jimmy Carter Early College High School ends, senior Luis Flores embarks on a new journey with the United States Marine Corps.
To some, enlisting has never been in their career path, but to Flores, being a marine has been his dream since he was 12. Balancing dual enrollment courses and being involved in training for the Marines doesn’t stop Flores from questioning his love for the Marines.
“I’ve always wanted to help people differently. I believe there is evil in the world, and the marines are a force of good that makes a difference.” Flores said.
Despite the challenging and emotional decision to enlist in the Marine Corps, Flores’s family and friends stand beside him. Flores states that although he knows his relationships won’t be the same after serving, he has made amends with that and continues to spend his time here in the Rio Grande Valley in good spirits.
“I leave June 9, so about two weeks after graduation. I’m trying to spend all my time with my friends.” Flores said.
But being a Marine isn’t the only thing Flores wants to do; Flores is interested in cars and MMA fighting. Flores does Jiu Jitsu after school, attends personal training, and wishes to continue a career after serving.
“I want” to follow out my contract and serve for about eight years, get out, and pursue either MMA or get my certificate for welding and build off of that,” Flores said.
Personal training is a physical training program that conditions and trains incoming recruits for boot camp.
“I’m excited for boot camp; I know it’s going to be tough, but it makes me feel one step closer to achieving my dream,” Flores said.
While achieving his goals is thrilling, Flores admits that he is scared.
“I’m obviously scared; I have to leave my friends and family, attend” for 13 weeks, and then get shipped off to who knows where.” Flores said.”
But Flores does not take his fear negatively; fear is a good thing to him. Fear comes from leaving your comfort zone and doing something you usually wouldn’t.
“I was terrified when I actually began enlisting. I had a lot of doubts, but I realized that it’s all in my head; you have to push through to earn what you want; it’s your dream for a reason,” Flores said.
Flores has been looking forward to this opportunity since before he can remember and can’t wait to make a difference for our country.