Destiny often leads us down unexpected paths, shaping our lives in ways we never imagined. For Ms. Bagsalud, teaching was not a career she had dreamed of pursuing. Instead, it was destiny that guided her into the profession she now passionately embraces.

“Becoming a teacher was not my dream. However, destiny has its own designs that turn the wheels of life. I decided that being a strong force to help mold the young generation to make this world a better place motivated me to become an educator.”

Ms. Bangsalud serves as an inclusion teacher for grades 9-12, primarily focusing on core area classes. Yet, her true passion lies in collaborating with fellow educators and empowering her students by providing them with the tools they need to thrive as individuals.

“[I] enjoy working with exceptional teachers in equipping the students to become empowered, responsible individuals and great citizens within their worlds.” 

In Ms. Bangsalud’s classroom, her teaching style and philosophy can be captured in the following quote: “I accept and allow students to challenge my ideas and hopefully empower them to create a just and democratic world for themselves.”

Teaching is often challenging, particularly when it comes to fostering student engagement in the classroom. But despite these obstacles, Ms. Bangs stands out. How does she do it? Through collaborative efforts with her students, she not only builds their academic skills but also nurtures their confidence.

“My students and I work together to build our skills and confidence as learners. Over the years, I have had the privilege of learning alongside students the value of  justice, resilience, and confidence to take on life challenges.”

Despite the challenges of teaching, there are moments that stand out as precious memories. For Ms. Bangsalud, one moment holds a special place in her heart:

“Making a difference in the lives of young people, modeling values, skills, and ethics they need as they embark on their journey to the workplace and become people that will continue to build a better world.”

Yanet, a junior at Jimmy Carter ECHS, enjoys writing for RGN and is active in a variety of groups and after-school activities. Yanet takes comfort in picking up new languages and binge-watching TV shows and movies.