The district has stated that extracurricular groups will be able to fundraise during the current pandemic. This will give groups such as UIl, TAFY, and NHS a chance to raise money following social distancing regulations.

Sandra Gonzalez, the registrar, has stated that with fundraisers being allowed this year, it will be up to the sponsors to come up with the fundraisers. Then they will send a form to us for Principal Claudia Gomez to sign, and then it will get approved by a higher up.

Claudia Camarillo, the UIL coordinator, and NHS sponsor, stated that it has always been hard for students to fundraise, and given the current situation, it will be a lot harder.

“ I just think that it is going to be hard, and it has always been hard for students at Jimmy Carter to fundraise because of the limitation of having only two fundraisers per semester and because of the participation because we don’t have that many students, so we don’t have that big of a community to sell to,” Claudia Camarillo said.

Esmeralda Loera, Junior Class Secretary, feels confident about the district’s decision and feels that they allow schools to gain money and still help out the school somehow.

“Ultimately, it is all up to the class and the sponsors on how they want to fundraise money with the whole Covid situation happening, but I feel like it is nice that we are allowed to do that, and then it is up to us on how we do it to keep it safe,” Esmeralda Lorea said.

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