The first food expo took place on April 30. Students from all over the district attended and helped vote on food for the upcoming school year.  

This event was held at the Child Nutrition Center; several food companies attended this event and provided samples of dishes they wish for students to like and chose for next years menu. Some of these companies include Dave’s Baking, Yang’s 5th Taste, and J&J Snack Foods.

These companies strive to feed and help with nutrition for students from all over our very own district. Which is why the Child Nutrition Services, an extension of central office operations, invited them to the food expo.

“Students want great flavor and variety.  You want their options to be healthy, economical and comply with Child Nutrition standards,” said Yangs of 5th Taste.

Throughout our district students and staff eat the free meals provided by the school and have come to appreciate the food. Thousands of students from all over our district eat the food given on a daily basises. Galina Reyes, Child Nutrition Director, explains how La Joya ISD serves a total of 45,000 plates daily.

“We serve 20,000 breakfasts and 24,000 lunches a day,” said Reyes.

After trying a variety of foods, students were able to experience a tour of the Child Nutrition Center. They were shown the conditions and temperatures at which food is stored.

Eleud Alaniz, Child Nutrition Director, explains how each food has to be conserved in certain temperatures. He claims that frozen food has to be conserved below zero degrees Fahrenheit, dry food has to be between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and liquids such as drinks have to be in temperatures between 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit

This event was beneficial for our community and our students because it gave students an opportunity to have a say in the menu for next year. Students in our district have made choices that affect every person in our schools. The food expo was helpful to all involved.

Erica Solis believes that when it comes to which of her high school courses are the most beneficial, it is English ll and Algebra ll because they are the most commonly applied to the career she wishes to pursue.

Solis believes that the teacher that has most impacted her academic journey was Mrs. Kaz, who was her eighth-grade history teacher; she helped and pushed her to go farther than she thought was possible.
Erica also enjoys History but strongly dislikes Science. Although it was a challenge, she has accomplished becoming a good LD Debater and even won a ninth-grade district tournament.

Erica likes to believe that she does very well in writing and reading. She does U.I.L for LD Debate, FBLA, and the Leo’s Club. Solis decided to start college early because of her desire for a head start on her degree and Mrs. Kaz motivated her to apply. She hopes to leave high school with her associate's degree in Criminal Justice, be accepted into UT Austin and go with her undergraduates in Pre-Law, and then apply to Law School.
Solis wishes to start as a Criminal Defence Attorney and work her way up to a District Attorney. She wants to do this because one day she wants to be defending people from her community in the courtroom.