High School Fake Accounts

Fake social media accounts have been spreading for many high schools across The Valley. These social media accounts tend to have the school’s name, and people use these accounts for fake likes, fake comments, fake reviews, fake rumors, etc.

Teenagers tend to do things to be humorous, but what is going on with the fake accounts about high schools is preposterous.

Jimmy Carter Early College High School along with many other high schools have become victims of the rumors these accounts tend to share.

“Fake accounts hurt the organization that are being portrayed in these fake Facebook accounts,”  said Mrs. Gomez, Carter’s Principal. 

 To report a fake account, Facebook says to follow the following 

    1. Go to the profile of the fake account.
    1. Click More below the cover photo and select Report.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions for fake accounts to file a report.IMG-8733


Alberto López is a firm believer of equal rights, opportunities, and equal pay. Alberto López is Junior Class President and NHS Vice-president he uses his positions to offering different possibilities, such as volunteer work and joining programs to students who want his help. Alberto believes in equal pay for equal work. He supports the WNT and firmly believes they should be equally as the MNT. A polymath would be a word that describes how Alberto wants to be in school. He is currently taking some college classes and Journalism in high school. His favorite course is Journalism because he loves the aspect of storytelling the truth, he hopes to share the beauty in everyday life. Math would be his strongest subject since Mrs. Queen, Alberts math teacher is engaging, caring and a good motivator. Although, Mr. Villareal Albert’s physics teacher is the best in the world he still struggles with that subject. Mr. Villareal showcases the beauty of physics in our everyday life like no other instructor. Mrs. Villareal, the vice principal at Jimmy Carter Early College High School, has affected Albert in the most negative way. Albert is weird and insecure his insecurities have never let him be proud of who he is, he ones trusted his vice principal and was willing to share a lot more with her, but that trust Albert had faded away, “I get it I’m journalism I like being chismoso.” Alberts “second mom” Mrs. Obnial has taught him so much, her impact on his life have made him a better person also Mr. Silva believe or not he is an excellent teacher full of love to share to his students. Soccer is Alberts favorite sport this season he is not playing for his team for personal reasons, he is currently doing track and hopes to make the relays team and qualify to state. Making the team would be hard since it’s his first year doing track full time, but he believes everything is possible with a positive attitude. The Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador Program is part of Alberts life he is motivated, excited, and ready to make a change in his community health. Like anyone else, Albert has many goals. He would love to convince his parents to get his passport so he can finally go to Mexico to teach kids at a low-income neighborhood. He will also love to be accepted to this summers Journalism Program at Princeton University- where he hopes to learn more about journalism. Refugio López and Raquel Silva came to the US to give their kids a better life and an education they would love to see Alberto live the American dream. If Albert goes to college he will start a tradition for upcoming generations of his family he would love to be the first Lopez to go to college and become a kid from The Valley who’s living a great life. Alberts biggest inspiration to go to college is his dad. UCLA or Texas ATM would be Alberts dream university, he is still not sure of what he wants to do but hopes in having a career that he loves. Traveling around the world to less fortunate places to help is what Albert wants to do to give back to the community and the world.

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