Jayline Guerra, a freshman at Jimmy Carter Early College High School, strives to improve her education while managing her workload.
Guerra is the oldest sibling in her family. She is the first one to attend college early and is the expectation of success for her younger brothers.
“I was confused about some of the things, such as the dual enrollment assignments, but I was able to ask for help from my teachers and family,” Guerra said.
Her transition from her middle school activities—softball, basketball, and track—to having to focus on high school work and UIL activities caused her to consider staying after school.
“I played volleyball during my first semester,” Guerra said.
With two dual enrollment classes in her second semester, she decided to take a break to focus on her grades.
“I wanted to use my time after school to focus on my grades first, then sports or UIL.”
Though Guerra is not officially in any student council position, she still offers help with preparing events such as the Mercados.
Although Guerra does not have a direct career path, she is aware of what she wants to study, which is psychology.
“I always found it interesting how people think and knowing why,” Guerra said. “I did consider teaching, but I was advised by my tia, who worked at a different school, to pursue a higher-paying career.”

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