Jimmy Carter gets nominated as a U.S Department of Education

National Blue Ribbon School

Getting nominated for this award is nearly impossible, and it is a great achievement.                                                                        Related image

 The Importance Of Being Nominated

Being nominated as a Blue Ribbon School means that our school is performing significantly, and is performing well academically. It also means that our students are improving in academic achievements. The National Blue Ribbon School Program was founded in 1982, and it recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students are performing at very high levels. Since the program’s founding, the U.S. Department of education has given the award to more than 7,000 schools.

The Process Of Getting The Award

After getting nominated as a Blue Ribbon School, you have to submit an application for the award. The application will go through two phases of getting reviewed. The first time it gets reviewed it will be checked for completeness, quality, accuracy, and potential eligibility. Then after that, it gets reviewed for eligibility criteria.”I am honored to part of this campus. I am officially ready to work even harder, so I’m rolling up my sleeves for hard work.” said Dr.Villareal.


Will The Status As A Blue Ribbon School Ever Expire?

Once a school receives the award, it remains a Blue Ribbon School.

What Happens After A School Gets The Award?

National Blue Ribbon schools serve as role models for other schools. The application that they’ve submitted is posted on the U.S. Department of Education website. Representatives from the school are honored at an annual ceremony in Washington. The school will then be given an engraved plague and program flag with the official seal.

Our District

It has been over thirty years since any school in La Joya ISD has been nominated as a Blue Ribbon School. It’s a great achievement that we got nominated.

Awards Previously Received

In 2011-2012 Jimmy Carter school was nominated by the Texas Education Agency as an “Exemplary” campus.
In 2016, jimmy carter received recognition as a Texas Honor roll school. In 2016 rankings we received a bronze medal.
In 2017, we got a silver medal in the 2017 rankings.
In 2018, we got nominated as a Blue Ribbon School.
Jimmy Carter has met standards throughout 2013-2017 and has received several distinctions.
The ranking is data on more than 22,000 public schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Schools are awarded bronze, silver, and gold medals based on their performance on state exams and how they prepare students for college.


Student and Staff Opinions


Ever since Jimmy Carter got nominated as a Blue Ribbon School, everyone has something to say. From our staff to students, everyone has an opinion on this. One of our students Daniel Sarabi said,” I feel like it’s a great honor for our school.” It is a very well deserved award for us, for we have a very hardworking staff. Our Avid teacher Ms.Bangsalud said,”I am so proud! I feel honored to be part of a school that has been nominated.”Furthermore, our entire school and staff all deserve our appreciation, for we all made this possible.



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