After dismantling the Leos Club, its formal coordinator, Mrs. Torres, introduced Jimmy Carter ECHS to the National Beta Club. 

The National Beta Club, like the Leos Club, values volunteerism and leadership, allowing members to participate in various events without restrictions. 

“The Leos Club, our events had to be related to what the Leos stood for, which was helping with vision, pediatric cancer, the environment, trying to fight hunger and diabetes,” said Mrs. Torres. 

The National Beta Club can participate in any community event as required.

Students will be informed about events in which they can take part to give back to the community and accrue service hours. 

“This club is gonna be kind of like Carter Care and kind of like the Leos where people will tell us that there’s a volunteer opportunity in the community, and we’re gonna get these specific individuals to go help out whether after school or on the weekend,” said Mrs. Torres. 

Although joining the National Beta Club can appear like another volunteer organization that helps students fulfill their service hours, there are specific requirements a member must meet. 

“First and foremost, they have to show that they want to serve their community and that it goes beyond them,” said Mrs. Torres. “We want no referrals, good academic, good character students to take the initiative that shows that they want to be leaders in their community, but that they’re doing things to help out like that they show kindness to other, you know, to humanity, in other words.”

 Before joining the National Beta Club, students must enter the Carter Cares Club or complete their service hours to demonstrate their leadership abilities and desire to give back to the community. 

“So in this club, your freshman and sophomore year, you join the Carter Cares Club, which is our other club that focuses on volunteering,” said Mrs. Torres. “Once you join that, you’re eligible for your junior and senior year to be picked for this other club, and you can only get in by letter of recommendation invitation.” 

These qualities freshmen and sophomores interested in joining the club need to exhibit to earn admission to this prestigious organization that celebrates academic achievement while promoting leadership, volunteerism, and ethical character.

Yanet, a junior at Jimmy Carter ECHS, enjoys writing for RGN and is active in a variety of groups and after-school activities. Yanet takes comfort in picking up new languages and binge-watching TV shows and movies.