The Leo’s club had an Earth Day activity here at Jimmy Carter at eight in the morning. They planted two trees, 30 plants, and several bushes. The students and members of the Leo club were more than happy to celebrate Earth Day.

“It was a very fun experience. I truly enjoyed helping the community with my peers.” said sophomore, Laura Chavez

All in all, this activity pleased all involved and helped both the environment and our very own school. You can now see new plants throughout the front of our campus.

Erica Solis believes that when it comes to which of her high school courses are the most beneficial, it is English ll and Algebra ll because they are the most commonly applied to the career she wishes to pursue.

Solis believes that the teacher that has most impacted her academic journey was Mrs. Kaz, who was her eighth-grade history teacher; she helped and pushed her to go farther than she thought was possible.
Erica also enjoys History but strongly dislikes Science. Although it was a challenge, she has accomplished becoming a good LD Debater and even won a ninth-grade district tournament.

Erica likes to believe that she does very well in writing and reading. She does U.I.L for LD Debate, FBLA, and the Leo’s Club. Solis decided to start college early because of her desire for a head start on her degree and Mrs. Kaz motivated her to apply. She hopes to leave high school with her associate's degree in Criminal Justice, be accepted into UT Austin and go with her undergraduates in Pre-Law, and then apply to Law School.
Solis wishes to start as a Criminal Defence Attorney and work her way up to a District Attorney. She wants to do this because one day she wants to be defending people from her community in the courtroom.