Tension has been going around since the horrific catastrophe; the Florida School Shooting. A student that goes to Jimmy Carter Early College named Jaylen Hernandez mentioned, “It was a miserable event that happened in Florida, I think that they should enforce the law better.” There have been at least 17 people that have been killed and 14 that were injured. Because of this event parents don’t feel secure when sending their kids to school, some students are even scared of attending their school. Student Robert Eufracio said, “There should be three armed veterans that will protect us against guns.” A study has said that people diagnosed with mental illness committed less than 5 percent of gun-related killings in the United States from 2001 to 2010. By this statistics, individuals can infer that there not taking enough control when selling guns to individuals, and not looking to background history, and making a huge mistake by giving weapons to people like suspect Nicolas Cruz. People would feel a lot safer if they raise the age for purchasing a gun, and to look at their background history. The United States sells more gun deaths than other developed nations, and it has far more guns than any other country in the world. Not only are weapons used in terrorist attacks but school shootings, and to hurt other people. They are also used to commit suicide, about 16,577 deaths have been committed at gunpoint. Guns have been handed to people that don’t have the mental capacity to handling a firearm. But for this reason, I think it would be a good idea that people who are wanting to buy a gun should get their background checked. Crystal Mora commented, “ I think they should raise the age needed to purchase a gun.” Some people think that guns should not be purchased. Such as a student named Leticia Ramirez also commented; “ I don’t think they should sell guns.”

My name is David Vazquez, I am fourteen years old and I am a freshman at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. I am a funny person, fun to be with, and I think I would be a very good friend. I am grateful to have family and friends that support me.