The Care Academy provides special education services within a dedicated building on campus. It offers a unique program designed to prepare students for real-world challenges. Under the guidance of mentors and assistants, students engage in a curriculum that simulates real-life scenarios, thereby fostering vital skills for future success.
Tania Mercado-Cantu, an instructor at the academy for four years, emphasizes the importance of self-reliance to her students, reflecting on the program’s commitment to practical learning.
Activities such as floral arrangement, cooking, and gardening are part of the curriculum, aiming to teach essential life skills. The academy’s recent initiative, the “Care Café,” is a practical exercise, simulating a café environment where students learn firsthand about managing a business and its potential challenges. This initiative and ongoing efforts like mentorship in real-life job settings underscore the academy’s dedication to empowering its students for independence. Despite setbacks such as the interruption of programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is optimism about their continuation, further aiding student development.
Mercado-Cantu finds joy in witnessing the students’ growth, underlining the program’s transformative impact.
The Care Academy’s success in fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment highlights its significant contribution to the student’s development, making it a cherished part of the Jimmy Carter campus community.