Victor Saldivar, a junior, was invited by the Congress of Future Medical Leaders (CFML) to receive an Award of Excellence for his academic achievements. Victor received this letter in September and has planned to travel to Boston, Massachusetts to attend a medical session on June 24 to 26.

The CFML is a program that exposes high schoolers interested in pursuing a career as doctors or medical scientists to prominent leaders in medicine and mentors them become future medical leaders.

Victor is an aspiring dentist and has decided to attend the meeting to strengthen his medical abilities and his background in medicine. At the session, Victor will get to meet winners of the noble prize, award-winning young inventors and scientists, and medical school deans. He received a personal invitation from Mario Capecchi, PhD, the science director for the CFML.

Victor will also view surgical procedures and ask questions to the surgeon in real-time for them to answer.

In the aftermath of this congress, Victor will be shared across the local RGV news stations and be sent a certificate of his acceptance of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence.

“I feel like its a great opportunity to receive and I am very honored to be a delegate for the Congress,” said Victor.

“I’m so excited to go to this Congress and I can’t wait to see what I get to learn while I’m over there especially because it interests me and goes with what I want to be when I grow up.”


Marissa Llamas is currently a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. She is in extracurricular activities such as UIL, The National Honor Society and the Texas Association of Future Educators. She has been doing UIL Academics ever since her freshman year and is currently in Mathematics and Number Sense. When she first joined UIL Math, she was shocked to see how she was the only freshman on the team. Last year as a sophomore, she went to the TMSCA competition for UIL Math in San Antonio. This year she was promoted as captain for her UIL Math Team. Her academic goals include to pass all her classes, to hopefully receive internships during the summer, and she plans to lead her Math team straight to regionals in San Antonio. She values how with a little determination, a touch of drive, and with true diligence anything is possible. 

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