AVID teacher Mrs. Bangsalud gives an insight into what it is to be an AVID teacher—explaining the hardships, challenges, how she started, and what made her start.
“I’ve been doing a lot, being in the unit as a teacher, resource teacher, and SAU teacher, so my interest spiked when Mrs. Gomez hired me to be an AVID teacher.” Mrs. Bangsalud said. “I told myself I’m going to be learning a lot in this journey, so I accepted it with a lot of expectations, and I’m gonna be doing myself a favor and better myself in the field of education, and true enough, it did.”
Mrs. Bangsalud was intrigued, hearing things left and right about Jimmy Carter, and after spending 15 years in a comprehensive high school, it was time for a change.
“I heard good things about Jimmy Carter. I know I can be a great service to these students. It is a different population that I used to serve at the comprehensive high school,” she said.
But being a teacher can bring a few challenges along the way.
“A few boys and girls have been argumentative. They answer rudely,” Bangsalud said.
Bangsalud believes in allowing students to express themselves, their thoughts, and their emotions. This will enable them to process moments and learn.
“One day, it got out of hand because the topic was so sensitive; they became mean and rude, but fortunately, they calmed down and apologized to me. Overall, I was able to overcome I,” Bangsalud said.
No matter what circumstance Mrs. Bangsalud was in, she stood her ground.

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