At Jimmy Carter Early College High School, the National Honor Society (NHS), led by Claudia Camarillo, focuses on community service, emphasizing support for the community’s most vulnerable. The NHS engages in various activities, such as blood drives, Thanksgiving meal distributions, toy drives, and assisting those in need. Camarillo expresses that the guiding principle behind their projects is the benefit to others, whether it’s supplying blood, food, toys, or support to animal shelters.

The program’s driving force is the desire to help, with projects often responding to immediate community needs. For instance, the NHS organizes seasonal projects to assemble Thanksgiving baskets for families, including a blood drive in October and a food drive in November. December collects toys for elementary school children, and February supports local animal shelters. These initiatives include recognizing community needs like the Rio Grande Valley’s low blood donation rates.

Unexpected challenges, like assisting a student’s family after a house fire, demonstrate the NHS’s readiness to support the community promptly. Camarillo aims to expand their outreach to include older adults in future projects, highlighting the organization’s adaptability and commitment to making a difference.

With a reputation for providing help and facing challenges head-on, the NHS looks forward to events such as the induction ceremony and celebrating its senior members’ graduation. Camarillo’s leadership aims to serve the community and cultivate a culture of generosity among students, encouraging them to help others without expecting anything in return. This ethos cements the NHS’s role in building a caring community at Jimmy Carter Early College High School.

Yanet, a junior at Jimmy Carter ECHS, enjoys writing for RGN and is active in a variety of groups and after-school activities. Yanet takes comfort in picking up new languages and binge-watching TV shows and movies.