Nayeli Villareal, a sophomore at Jimmy Carter High School, is working toward an associate degree in education while excelling in various extracurricular activities.
“I’m ultimately aiming for a bachelor’s degree,” Villareal said.
Her passion for creativity and fond memories of caring for her sister’s friends in elementary school have influenced her career choice.
Villareal is not only pursuing her associate degree but is also active in TAFE, serves as the class social chair, participates in Mu Alpha Theta, and competes in UIL.
“I joined TAFE because it’s related to education, and I advanced to nationals in my freshman and sophomore years,” she said.
As the social chair, she wanted to play a role in decision-making for her and her peers. Joining Mu Alpha Theta allowed her to gain volunteer hours and tutoring experience.
Despite her busy schedule, Villareal is focused on her future, planning new contests for TAFE and tutoring students in mathematics through Mu Alpha Theta. To manage stress, she spends time with her pets. She advises using a planner to stay organized, noting the app Notion has helped her keep track of her commitments.