Partaking in the identities of a junior Redwolf student at Jimmy Carter and a Husky at Juarez Lincoln’s dance-drill team, Susana Hernandez tackles balancing the different roles in her life through her passion.
Hernandez’s passion for dance has existed since she was a little girl.
“Every time I would put music on, I would dance my heart out because I love dancing, and I wasn’t afraid to dance in front of my parents,” Hernandez said.
Hernandez’s interest in the drill dance team was sparked in middle school.
“I would see some of the girls dancing, some of the girls in the team right now. They would have a lot of fun dancing, and they were happy. I decided to pursue this dream because I love dancing,” Hernandez said. “Like my dad used to say, ‘Never say you can’t when you haven’t tried.’ “
Juggling college courses at one school while maintaining after-school activities has proved itself to be a challenge. However, Hernandez has found sanction in the balance of trusting herself, her religion, her family, and her teachers’ support.
“A factor that influences the way I handle both extracurriculars and school work is God and my mom. My mom supports me with anything, which makes me so happy, and God helps me so much because He is always there for me when I need someone else to talk to besides my mom,” Hernandez said.
Besides her family and her God, Hernandez accredits her success to her responsibility.
“Another factor in life that helps me juggle is my responsibility. If I missed something in school, I ask the teachers, and they help me,” Hernandez said.
The drill team does come with its adversities. Hernandez has been a part of Juarez Lincoln’s drill team since her freshman year but quit because attendance was affecting her academically. Yet, last year, Hernandez decided to reconnect and rejoin the team.
In essence, Hernandez continues to pursue the drill team because it is an outlet and a sanction of art.
“The drill team has impacted my life because dancing is a form of art where you can express your emotions through a dance no matter which type of dance it is,” Hernandez said.
With competition season rolling in from January to April, Hernandez and her team practice in four out of five dance categories: jazz, Hip-Hop, kick, and contemporary.
If the team advances from local competitions, they aim to win regionals and then nationals. Local and regional competitions will be hosted in Corpus Christi.

Marianna R. is a junior at JCECHS and will be acting as a reporter and photographer for the Red Gold News. She is excited to discovery the culture and ethics of this school.