Leah Rios puts hours of hard work and dedication into the drill team and academics, making Rios proud of her accomplishment. Last week, La Joya High School’s Jewelette of the week was Jimmy Carter’s Early College Freshman, Leah Rios.

“I felt amazing about being Jewelette of the week,” Rios said. “That people recognized me and saw that I was doing well made me feel very proud.”

While being in an after-school program is time-consuming, Rios sees the drill team as something she has always been passionate about. She feels that being a part of this organization pays off.

“The drill team is a lot of hard work, but it’s rewarding, especially when you do good,” she said.

However, the drill team and school assignments have created a few challenges for Rios since she missed afternoon classes to attend football games. She still feels confident that she’ll be able to keep up with her schoolwork.

“I can make up the work another time,” she said. “I have to have good time management to finish all my assignments.”

Balancing extracurricular activities and schoolwork can prove to be challenging at times. But Rios is passionate about what she is doing and encourages others to try.

“Don’t quit something before you even try it because you gonna miss out on something that could be amazing, ” Rios said.

Rios encourages everyone to try something, even if they are unsure. Joining a club or organization can be exciting and different.

I am a 17-year-old reporter at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. I am a part of the La Joya High School Jewelette Drill Team. My favorite subject is math, and I hope to become an engineer in the future. Go RedWolves!!