Rebecca M. De Leon, the dual enrollment and school district partnerships vice president, comes on record to talk about her experience on her duties and ouppertunities to explore and learn through what she does. 

Ms. De Leon talks about her own experiences as a dual enrollment student. She went through 13 hours of dual enrollment classes, and the doors it opened for her. “It was something so new to experience an opportunity of free college, I knew I had to take this chance for my own benefit.” The benefits that are implemented from South Texas College through High Schools all over the valley have changed childrens lives, and given immagrant and first generation kids an unthinkable opportunity to free college education.  

De Leon epresses that these opportunities  how the partnership between Stc and other high schools in the Rio grande Valley started.  Nick Gonzales started this initiative to give other kids an opportunity he never had. He wanted to change lives through something he could provide to STC and as well empower and build on the overall education of the Rio Grande Valley. Offering programs like dual enrollment, Low income students, first generation benefit most. Agreement on servicing our education economical advantages, clueless on how to do college at no cost. Everything tied together. 
Now you as a Jimmy Carter Early Collge student are here to thank De Leon and Mr. Gonzalez on giving you an opportunity of a lifetime to better your life and your familys. We all take advantage of this opportunity and treat it like a normal high school. So next time when you feel like procrastinating on your homework or studying for a test, think again about all the work and initiative that went into your education and get to work.

Rebecca M. De Leon, Vice President of Dual Enrollment and School District Partnerships, recently shared insights from her role and the transformative power of dual enrollment programs. De Leon, who benefited from dual enrollment by taking 13 hours of classes, highlighted the impact of such opportunities, especially for immigrant and first-generation students in the Rio Grande Valley. She credits South Texas College and its partnerships with high schools across the valley for providing access to free college education to those who might otherwise find it unattainable.
The initiative, spearheaded by Nick Gonzales, aimed to extend opportunities Gonzales himself never had, focusing on changing lives through education and empowering the youth of the Rio Grande Valley. Dual enrollment programs have particularly benefited low-income and first-generation students, offering them a pathway to higher education without the financial burden.
De Leon and Gonzales’s work serves as a reminder of the value of education and the importance of seizing opportunities. Students are encouraged to appreciate this unique chance to advance their lives and the lives of their families, reminding them of the dedication that has been invested in their future.