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In a heartfelt inaugural ceremony, Jimmy Carter Early College High School introduced the “Mi éxito, su orgullo” tradition during their Senior Awards Assembly on April 25. The program, translating to “My Success, Your Pride,” is designed to recognize and honor the significant figures who have contributed to the success of graduating students. At the celebratory event, mentors, family members, and friends who played a pivotal role in the academic and personal achievements of each student were presented with a commemorative RedWolves stole. “These stoles are a symbol of the tireless support, guidance, and belief that these individuals have bestowed upon our students,” said the principal of JCECHS. “It’s a tangible acknowledgment of their indispensable contributions to shaping the future of our graduates.” The stole, bearing the school’s RedWolves mascot, is not only a mark of distinction for the graduates but also serves as a gesture of gratitude towards those who have supported them behind the scenes throughout their high school journey. As the senior class prepares for graduation, this new tradition adds a layer of community celebration to the ceremony, fostering a spirit of collective accomplishment and shared pride. The “Mi éxito, su orgullo” program is set to become an annual tradition at Jimmy Carter Early College High School, ensuring that each graduation is not just a moment of personal triumph but also a celebration of communal effort and support.RedWolves Celebrate Unseen Heroes with ‘Mi éxito, su orgullo’ Stoles at Graduation(Bulk 1) Orgullo – 23

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