Monday evening Valedictorian, Oscar Peña, and Salutatorian, Odalys were recognized for being the top two graduates at Jimmy Carter Early College High School.

bc8dc38c-c571-4760-8522-363f873db53aThe top two shared the spotlight amongst the RGV’s top graduates. Additionally, presented with both a medal and certificate of recognition for their academic accolades.

While academic merit is certainly significant Peña reflects on the effort that goes into making it happen.

“Smartness doesn’t always mean success, hard work does,” said Peña.

RGV Partnership Foundation hosted the 30th Valley Proud Honors Banquet Monday, May 20th at the Harlingen Convention Center.

Describing themselves as “the diverse and distinguished roster of leaders that make up the membership of the RGV Partnership work hand-in-hand to advance the prosperity of the Rio Grande Valley under “one mission, one voice,” said RGV Foundation Partnership.

“The recognition of my accomplishments has added value because the staff who helped us and our families are the ones who supported the effort all along,” said Peña.

Peña was also the recipient of a $500 scholarship at the event.

Oscar Peña, 2019 Jimmy Carter Valedictorian, poses with a certificate of recognition. 

•Dual Enrollment Teacher
•Adjunct Instructor UTRGV/STC
•Journalism Advisor
•RGN Advisor
•UIL Coordinator
•UIL Journalism Coach