On Wednesday, September 27, Jimmy Carter Early College High School students gathered around their school’s flagpole for a solemn prayer. The students assembled in observance of this year’s “See You At The Pole.”

“See You At The Pole” refers to the student group prayers held annually on the Global Day of Student Prayer. In schools, it entails a student-led event inviting all students to pray around the school’s flagpole.

Two Carter juniors, Angel Treviño and Marianna Rodriguez, were instrumental in organizing “See You At The Pole.” They took it upon themselves to bring the event to school.

As many students encircled the flagpole, Treviño led them in prayer.

“It’s like my faith, a part of who I am. And I had thought about doing it last school year, but I never got the opportunity,” Rodriguez said. “I thought when I moved over here, it would be different.” 

The brief event lasted only 15 minutes, yet its occurrence was memorable. It marked the first “See You At The Pole” event at JCECHS. Although it is an annual event, “See You At The Pole” is student-led and initiated.

“Just simple prayers. Simple as in like they’re easy to read and participate in, not like they don’t have power.” Treviño said. 

The future of this event at Carter is contingent upon student interest and participation.

“I do want to make it continual,” Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez added that the event presents a chance for students to demonstrate their faith openly.

“Jimmy Carter is a place where students seek opportunities for various events,” Treviño said.

Perhaps they will hold another “See You At The Pole” event next year.

Yankarlo Munoz is a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School and serves as a reporter for the student newspaper. He recognizes the importance of journalism and values its ethical principles. He has contributed to the Student Publication and hopes to do more.