Kelly Galvan, a junior, is currently enrolled in eight classes, including three college courses. This kind of workload is typical for a junior, but it can sometimes be challenging to balance.

Sometimes, balancing all that load of work could be a hassle. Despite the academic load, Galvan has a job working at Whataburger in La Joya.

Why would Galvan choose to work despite taking college and high school classes?

“I’m trying to be financially stable; I want to have money so that I could go to college, have a car, and gain a bit of independence,” Galvan explained.“I also work to help my parents with their money, even if it’s just a little bit. I don’t work for just myself, but also my family.”

Having to work on Wednesdays, Fridays, and the weekends, Galvan’s schedule is somewhat flexible, but it depends on her manager.

“If they call me into work, I go unless I’m still in school,” Galvan explained.“There have been times when I asked my manager to leave early to finish my schoolwork, and they were cooperative, allowing me to complete them during.”

Galvan’s job doesn’t conform with her school schedule. She communicates with her manager beforehand to inform them of her school schedule. Because of her college courses, her managers have her schedule for the evening shift.

Most would expect that juggling school and work would be overwhelming, and they’d be correct. Galvan admitted that she often feels overwhelmed managing the two but has developed a system to balance them.

“Yes, I am overwhelmed with work and school,” Galvan admitted.“To make up for most of it, I use my work breaks to complete any assignments on my laptop. I tend to do the remaining assignments at home or first period.”