Senior Sets Sights on Psychology Career, Advocates Early College Route

As the graduation season approaches, Jimmy Carter High School’s senior, Daisy Escobedo, is not only preparing to receive her high school diploma but is also on the cusp of earning an associate degree, thanks to her enrollment in a dual credit program. Escobedo’s dedication to her studies and her clear vision for the future stand out as she shares her academic journey and career aspirations.

“Currently, I am a dual enrollment student working towards having an associate degree by the time I graduate high school. I have been working towards this goal since my sophomore year of high school,” Escobedo said.
She strongly encourages her fellow students to seize similar opportunities, emphasizing the importance of passing the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessments. “I highly encourage Jimmy students to pass their TSIs as soon as possible so they can experience college classes and a lot of learning not offered from the standard high school curriculum,” Escobedo said.

Looking beyond high school, Escobedo has her sights set on a career in psychology, though she acknowledges the need for direct experience in the field.
“After graduation, I hope I get the opportunity to gain minor psychology experience since my career choice is in that area,” Escobedo said.
She is exploring local volunteer opportunities to gain relevant experience, mainly through Hidalgo County services like Work Solutions for students.

Escobedo’s strategic approach to her education and career is supported by her mentors and counselors, including Ms. Luna, her CIS mentor.
“I have discussed these plans with my CIS mentor, Ms. Luna, about how I will stay local at UTRGV since they already provide great programs and classes that help many students,” Escobed said.
Escobedo also plans to work over the summer to support her college expenses.

Escobedo has learned valuable life skills from balancing academics and work through her job at a Mexican restaurant.
“I am working at a Mexican restaurant, which has taught me socializing skills and outside-world problems that require critical thinking and effective solutions,” Escobedo said.
Her priority remains to complete her academic work efficiently to ensure she can rest and recharge.

Escobedo envisions a future where she is both academically and financially accomplished.
“Hopefully, in five years, I will finish school and be debt-free from the university since I’ll be staying local. I hope that I have completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology and gained experience helping individuals solve their problems,” Escobedo said.
Her desire to give back to her community reflects her gratitude and commitment to those who have supported her educational journey.

Daisy Escobedo’s story is a testament to the resilience, foresight, and ambition of today’s youth. It inspires others to pursue their dreams with determination and a clear sense of purpose.