At the La Joya High School pep rally on Friday, September 15, Tavarez was named Dancer of the Week for the La Joya High School Tabasco Folklorico. She was honored to receive this title as a freshman and felt accepted by her teammates.

“When they said my name, I really did know it was going to be me,” Tavarez said. “I was shocked. It felt like I was part of the team now.”

Tavarez plays the marimba in the La Joya High School Band’s percussion section. When she hears the sound of the band’s hard work, it makes the long hours spent outside in the sun feel rewarding.

“It’s rewarding knowing the music and being able to play it,” Tavarez said. “Being amazed and thinking, ‘Wow, this sounds nice.’”

Both organizations can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. Tavarez has after-school practices for both clubs, which requires her to split her time between them. Remaining optimistic, Tavarez believes she can balance both commitments while making time for her schoolwork.

“Right now, I have to split my time with both of them,” Tavarez said. “But I can still get stuff done with both organizations.”

Tavarez started dancing folkloric in elementary and took up band in middle school. Despite her early starts in both organizations, she encourages everyone to try out for something new.

“Try anything new and be more social,” Tavarez said. “Don’t let what others say determine what you do. Just make friends and have fun.”

Abigail Tavarez puts time and effort into both organizations, striving for excellence and proudly representing the Jimmy Carter Red Wolves and La Joya Coyotes.

I am a 17-year-old reporter at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. I am a part of the La Joya High School Jewelette Drill Team. My favorite subject is math, and I hope to become an engineer in the future. Go RedWolves!!

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