Cesar Canche stands out for his dedication to both academic and extracurricular pursuits. Canche remains consistent in excelling both academically and physically. 

“It was the gym that drew me to powerlifting.” Canche says, “I wanted to test my limits on how strong I could be.”

Although only competing for a relatively short time, Canche has already begun creating memorable achievements. “My favorite powerlifting memory as of right now is hitting 315 pounds on a squat” Canche mentions. “It’s honestly something I am proud of at the moment.”

Yet, balancing this extracurricular doesn’t come without its challenges. Canche can juggle both academic and powerlifting. 

“I prefer to put more of my time into powerlifting, but usually when I see I have to put more work into academics, I take as much as necessary time to work on any assignments, and then resume powerlifting.”

Overcoming these challenges has allowed Canche to learn valuable lessons, discipline and perseverance. “From the previous years, I would never be as strict on myself as I am now,” Canche said. “Powerlifting affects my discipline a lot. I am strict with how I eat and how I lift.”

Canche remains persistent when it comes to setbacks. “”I usually go to training and try to improve on what I failed last time,” Canche said. “I repeat and keep trying until eventually I achieve what I want.”

Canche remains resilient and dedicated to powerlifting and his academics. Showcasing that with passion and determination, balancing extracurricular activities and academics is manageable.

Currently a junior, Lizania Rodriguez works for RGN as a reporter. She participates in extracurricular activities like UIL, NHS, and FBLA. She likes to read and watch new shows in her free time. She looks forwards to her junior year as she forms a part of RGN.