Cayden Salinas, a freshman at Jimmy Carter, is currently looking forward to one day studying in the medical field while still having fun experiences.

“I wanna study in the medical field and be a pediatrician,” said Salinas.

His mother inspired his passion for being in the medical field and becoming a pediatrician.

Salinas is also involved in extracurricular activities at his comprehensive school and Jimmy Carter. He is currently in the orchestra and the chess club.

“I’m in the chess club and orchestra. I got into the orchestra because I thought it would be fun, and it is,” Salinas said.

When he wants a break from work, Salinas looks forward to watching One Piece after finishing his work. He sometimes believes he is meant to be a food critic because he loves food.

Salinas enjoys doing it for the experience and flavor. Doing all this helps him relieve his stress and take a break from his work.

His advance is never to stop being bothered by losing, for it’s like you have lost twice.

Salinas believes there is always room for improvement and something to learn, so you should never settle.