The Texas Association of Future Educators is an official Texas state co-curricular student organization recruiting members. TAFE was established in 1984 to help promote teaching to young students.

“TAFE is an organization that strives for people to be educated in certain topics” Audrey Brown, the president of TAFE, said. “Students learn basic things needed in the workforce and college.”

The TAFE organization has been divided into two different chapters: TAFE Gold and Red

“The two chapters were established last year after many freshman members joined,” Brown said.

The two groups have no differences in the type of events they participate in other than the members.

“TAFE Gold is composed more of upperclassmen and experienced members, while TAFE Red is composed of underclassmen, which are mostly sophomores and a few freshmen,” Brown said.

“TAFE events are centered on its core beliefs called TRAFLES,” Brown said.

TRAFLES stands for teaching, recreation, apprehension, fundraising, leadership, education, and service. Some events can vary from creating a children’s book from scratch to hosting a demo TAFE meeting.

The only requirement needed to compete in TAFE’s events is passing grades. There are no requirements to join TAFE.

Victoria R. is a junior student in JCECHS and their first time being a RGN reporter. They spend most of their time reading and watching their favorite shows. They hope to learn and improve their journalism skills.