College Class

  1. Is it challenging to take college classes?
  • When you’re behind a college class, it’s more difficult to jump back, or when you are absent, it’s hard to recover everything that happened that day.
  • It takes very studying people because a college class is very challenging and it’s very hard.


  1. Why do you think other students leave from school?
  • Perhaps because they can’t take the pressure of all the work, or it may be they get frustrated of many work and want to move to a relaxing school without many works.
  • Don’t like how late they get out of school, and maybe don’t like how shrieked how college classes are.


  1. Do you think a regular school is the same as an early college high school?
  • A regular school isn’t the same as an early college because the teachers aren’t the same and an early college they give more homework, and we work harder, and teachers give their students advice about our education and behavior.
  • The difference between the high schools is that in an early college we have students that work harder than any school and have fewer students so they can feel comfortable.


  1. How much work is a college class than a regular class?
  • A college class is more difficult than a regular course because it takes more study and presentations. Teachers are stricter and want us to be more talkative and have responsibilities.


  1. How many hours a day do you study?
  • 1-3 hours almost every day and sometimes on the weekend. By studying 1-3 hours, I could improve my reading and writing skills.
  • Depends on how many homework I have, and if sometimes I finish early I study extra to not mess out of my work.


  1. What do you do to have a good grade?
  • Study hard and review all the notes, and quiz yourself on vocabulary or other items to be prepared. It takes a person to put good attention and have good test grades.



Jimmy Carter student, class of 2020.