The first week of online school and quarantine hasn’t really affected me too much. The quarantine had not affected me really at all since my lifestyle before it was pretty much the same as it is now, as sad as that may sound.


Before the quarantine, I never really left my home, so I didn’t really need to cope with the change when nothing really changed. The switch to online school has been a mixed bag, however.

On the one-hand the switch to online has allowed me to work on my own time, on the other hand, I can be extremely distracted when at home since there are several other things that I would rather do than doing school work, and since I am at home and have options I can be doing work for a few minutes, before getting bored and switching to watching YouTube or reading Wikipedia since I find it far more interesting than doing work.

Another positive is that the workload is incredibly light, especially when compared to the average school week. As far as I am aware, under the current set up, the classes only really need two grades per week, so I have ample time to do work and then time to goof off. I do miss school though, staying at home has gotten extremely monotonous with just my family and getting into fights with my brother often since he doesn’t understand that I may be busy with work. Although school is also monotonous most of the time, it is a different kind that’s not nearly as mundane as staying in my room for most of the day, and not being able to see my friends has been pretty demoralizing since I can’t really have any conversations with anyone. The only advice that I could offer for anyone in this predicament is to work as soon as possible so that you have time to focus on other things to entertain yourself so that you may distract yourself from the humdrum of being stuck at home.

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