This week has been slightly eventful for me. I spent most of the week working on an essay for my English class, a literary analysis of Rikki Tikki Tavi, in which I attempted to discuss the subtext of British Imperialism that is the central theme of the short story. Besides this, I had to get a CT scan for my spine due to a car accident that happened earlier in the year, and I learned that the disk on my last vertebrae is bulging out of my spinal column, although I hadn’t noticed it since I have always had back pain. Besides doing school work and getting medical checkups, nothing of real note happened. Staying cooped up in my house for a majority of the week is getting to me somewhat. I miss school somehow, although I probably miss social interaction more so than the actual institution. Online classes have always been slightly difficult for me since I am easily distracted when I am online. I tend to have difficulties learning when not in a classroom, I believe it to be something that my brain that associates being in my home and online as a time for me to mess around and not worry about any responsibilities but with all the classes being online and being forced to stay home it will take time for me to adapt to the change even beyond the weeks entirely stayed at home. Something of note happened this week in the news, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic Primary. I consider myself to be reasonably leftist in my political leanings (I had previously identified as a communist although I now see it as an inherently flawed system that could never work in a practical setting) and was somewhat disappointed with this news, but not at all surprised. While I think Democratic Socialism will to be a slightly better system than the current one we have in America, I also believe that most Americans are not yet ready to accept it due to years of propaganda against extreme leftist ideologies, the failings of so-called socialist nations, and misinformation regarding what Socialism really is. I think that it may take years or maybe even another decade for it to be accepted in mainstream society. As such, I felt that it was inevitable for Sanders to drop out eventually; in fact, after the results of Super Tuesday were announced, I had pretty much conceded that Joe Biden had the best chance of winning the primary. On the question of who I believe will win the presidential election, I do not have a concrete answer as of yet. To me, Biden seems to be the better of the choices, but that does not mean I think he would be a great pick (honestly to me it just seems to be a repeat of 2016, the election being between two people who I don’t feel are that much better than each other), the scandals that have surrounded both Biden and Trump, notably the possible sexual assault and their own health (both are older gentlemen and Biden himself did have the notable incident with his bleeding eye which makes me question his health, the last thing the nation needs is another William Henry Harrison). All I really want is for as many people as possible to be safe and content with the world, and one was the future generations might live on an Earth that has not been destroyed by our ancestors since we were able to stop it before it caused even more damage than it already has, although as I grow older, I fear that such a thing is becoming less and less likely with how much the world is dividing.

Matthew Garza is a student at Jimmy Carter Early College High School as well as a member of the National Honor Society at the school. Matthew was born on June 27th, 2003 in McAllen, Texas and was raised and currently lives in La Joya, Texas. Matthew was originally enrolled at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School. Matthew took an interest in history and in the fourth grade was admitted in the National Elementary Honor Society and later the National Junior Honor Society in the sixth grade. After the school closed down due to lack of funding, Matthew was then enrolled at Lorenzo de Zavala Middle School for eighth grade. After this Matthew was then enrolled at Jimmy Carter and joined the National Honor Society.

Matthew’s achievements include the aforementioned memberships in the National Honor Society, being certified in Microsoft Word, Word Expert, and Microsoft Excel. Matthew is also consistently in the A/B Honor Roll, with a few exceptions. Matthew’s goals are to have a career as a History Professor as well as have a doctorate in the field. 

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