Jimmy Carter Early College High School is a place where students are challenged, and Evelyn Saturno is a student who manages to succeed through stress.
Saturno is a hardworking student, and she is currently enrolled in three dual enrollment courses: U.S. History, English, and Teaching. After high school, she hopes to have the qualifications to own her salon.
“After high school, I plan to work as a Cosmetologist and have my own salon,” she said. Even though Saturno is confident about what she wants to accomplish in the future, her biggest challenge is the stress that comes from the work.
“My biggest struggle last semester was regarding my college classes,” Saturno said. “I had a hard time completing every assignment on time because it was a lot; I had to complete college class assignments, but I also had to complete regular class assignments.”
Saturno struggled with balancing dual enrollment and high school classes, and she found it challenging to have activities outside of class. “I am not involved in any school activities because I feel that it would stress me out more,” she said. “I can barely finish my assignments on time when I get home, and I don’t think having after-school activities would help me.”
Though her school work stresses Saturno, she can be kept motivated by listening to music. “When I’m stressing myself out, I just nap or listen to music,” Saturno said. “I listen to music because it calms me down, and sometimes it even encourages me to keep up.”
Evelyn Saturno is currently a Junior student close to graduating in 2025. Even while going through high school and dealing with stress, she still finds ways to keep herself motivated to achieve her future goals.

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