The AVID teacher has planned an AVID field trip to UTRGV and Main Event scheduled for Thursday, April 18, that will be paid in full by the district.

I think it’s a great opportunity for students to experience college life.”, says Felomina Bangsalud, the AVID coordinator of Jimmy Carter ECHS.

AVID is a nonprofit school program that helps students develop their skills to be successful in college. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It helps students grow writing, critical thinking, teamwork, organization and reading skills.  

The Avid coordinator here in Jimmy Carter, Ms. Felomina Bangsalud, plans to take 110 students to the trip with 7 other teachers apart from her. The plan is to have one teacher for every 15 students that go. The students that will go will be from all 4 grade levels; Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The students that will actually go from the 4 grade levels are those that are currently in the AVID class here in Jimmy Carter. Apart from these students, the rest that will be attending the trip will be those students that Ms. Bamgsalud feels deserve to go. These deserving students will be hand chosen by Ms. Bangsalud with the help of the teachers in campus, they will be those students that not only have good grades but also have great school attendance.

The reason for this trip is to expose the students to college and the programs that are offered such as in the medical, science, and educational fields. This will help the students mentally as they will be witnesses of how college life will be and they will anticipate what is waiting for them in the future. After going to UTRGV, the plan is to take them to Main Event so that apart from having some mental processes from visiting an university they will also be doing some physical activity to unwind and have a little fun with their friends and classmates.

It will take the whole day, and they plan on returning back to school with enough time for the students to board their bus to head home.

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